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Feedback to WLAN CEOs

by Robin Jellum on Jun 1, 2018

Today on Twitter Lee Badman posed a request to “to provide direct, unfiltered feedback to a WLAN company CEO about what is working or not in the company's products and business methods from the field perspective.”

The feedback so far as been very insightful. I took the liberty of categorizing the comments to evaluate trends. Here is the breakdown.


Granted it is a small sample, but those who voiced their opinion are heavy hitters in the WLAN world. Their comments should be regarded as a roadmap for how to do business in the wireless space. Mojo Networks in many ways the antithesis of our competitors. From a simplified, all-inclusive licensing model that includes 24x7 access to Support to our dedication to hardware/software disaggregation driving down hardware costs, Mojo does things differently. The feedback we see in the chart above is not something new. Here is how Mojo has addressed some of the grievances.

We receive no revenue from the sales of AP hardware because of our disaggregated business model. Our cloud subscription is for the NOS running on the AP and covers includes everything - Cognitive WiFi, management, guest access, analytics, WIPS, APIs, 24x7 support, etc. - for the term of the subscription.

One of the advantages of being a modern cloud-based WiFi company is that we can address problems and roll solutions out quickly. With our hierarchical management model, and because there are no controllers in the middle, there is complete granularity of control for testing a patch before rolling it out. No redundant set-up is needed.

One of our basic tenets is honesty. We know a company won’t last long if it doesn’t deliver on its claims. To see how we backup our claims with data, review our benchmark reports on Radio Resource Management (RRM) and WIPS. We spend weeks ensuring code, settings, configuration, environment, and comparisons are fair before we publish. We welcome any WLAN vendor to challenge our results in a head to head competition.

Support is closely tied to reliability and we provide 24x7 support as part of our subscription. The Mojo cloud allows us to compare data across the installed base to feed into diagnostics and proactive response using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our goal with Cognitive WiFi is to enable the system to detect issues before they become problems, and if the system can’t correct it, it will provide recommendations on how to quickly resolve the issue. This is an evolving area -- please stay tuned as we roll out new features and functionality to make wireless networks more efficient and more intelligent.

Being disaggregated means we can select the best feature set for APs from multiple ODMs to bring to market. The ODMs are experts in WiFi design and manufacturing and use the same chipsets used by all AP vendors. The disaggregated future means you will be able to buy anyone’s AP hardware and run anyone’s Network Operating System (NOS) for your network. We are leading the charge and challenge other WLAN vendors to follow. See what we did at OCP Summit 2018.

If you're ready for a simple pricing solution that includes all that you need and lives up to its claims, consider Mojo Networks.

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