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WizShark Brings Collaboration to Troubleshooting

by Davneetsingh Narang on Jul 24, 2014

AirTight offered early beta access to WizShark, our visual WiFi troubleshooting tool in cloud, and since then it has been a fun ride for the team. It was heartening to see a number of WiFi professionals taking interest in the tool and appreciating its graphical representation of packet captures. Of course, the positive feedback was accompanied with, as expected, feature requests!

Apart from graphical representation, we also want to empower collaboration and reporting using this tool. Hey, when people work on tools in cloud, this is expected already, right? Starting on this path, we have added capability for seamless collaboration for team troubleshooting.

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Share current views with team members


Share troubleshooting milestones with team members. Share troubleshooting milestones with team members.

Old school troubleshooting is with “Share this file with…” functionality, but then it only allows sharing raw traces and not troubleshooting milestones. Realizing that, we added capability in WizShark to share current views with team members. Now there is a button on WizShark menu to share the current view to bring your colleagues up to speed on what you have discovered so far.

Generate a link you can share with your peers. Generate a link you can share with your peers.

Clicking on this Share button will open up the Share View dialog which generates a link that you can share with your peers. Your colleague will be on the same page as you in no time, including all the frame-filtering, zooming and slicing that you may have performed on the graph. From this point on, both of you can analyze the graph independently.

Easily create reports for management, customers or troubleshooting community

ws-3 Create a report for your managers, customers or troubleshooting community.

And then there are times, when you have successfully troubleshot the issue using WizShark and then you want to generate a report for your managers, your customers or for the troubleshooting community. Simply click on the Save as Image icon just above the graph. Save the view in your preferred image format (.png or .jpg) and embed it in your report.

Are you participating in the WizShark beta? Feel free to tweet your feedback and suggestions to @airtight, @wizshark or write to wizhark @

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