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Wireless LAN Pros - Phoenix 2018

by Robin Jellum on Mar 1, 2018
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The Wireless LAN Pros conference in Phoenix last week was a great event. Thank you Keith Parsons for routinely organizing some of the smartest minds in WLAN.  I was lucky enough to be selected to present to that august group on why I believe every access point should include a 3rd, non-access, WiFi radio. 

Adding a 3rd WiFi radio to access points is not a new idea. Some other WLAN vendors have 3rd radios, but Mojo Networks is taking the 3rd radio to new heights. Mojo's 3rd radio can act as a client for remote troubleshooting or spectrum analysis without impacting access traffic. Mojo’s tri-radio APs, C-130 and C-110, produce meaningful benefits for our customers by reducing WiFi (and non-WiFi) Mean-Time-To-Resolution by 25% to 50%. If you haven’t seen how Mojo’s Cognitive WiFi solution works, you can check out our Cogntive WiFi overview video.

Here are some of the things were currently do with our 3rd radio with more to come.

  • Packet capture at any time on any channel
  • Spectrum analysis on any band
  • Connect to neighboring AP as a client to evaluate any of the following:
    • WiFi connections - SSID, Band, Association, Authentication
    • Network connections - DHCP, DNS, Gateway, Internet
    • Application - Evaluate application availability
    • VoIP - Test quality of wireless voice experience
    • Throughput - check TCP/UDP wireless speed and wired Internet speed

The full video recording of The Case for AP's with 3rd Radios can be viewed below. Email me and tell me what you think.


Ready to see how Mojo's 3rd radio APs can supercharge your network? Get a demo now!

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