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Wireless LAN Professionals Conference - Europe

by AirTightTeam on Oct 14, 2014

Unless you've been hiding under a rock or are a WLAN newbie (in which case you’re forgiven), you know about Keith R. Parsons and WLAN Pros …

For the uninitiated few, Keith R Parsons is a certified Wireless LAN professional, consultant and teacher. He has more certifications that you can shake a stick at! In fact, teacher is perhaps too small a word to apply to him. Mentor is far more fitting: an experienced and trusted adviser – this is Keith Parsons.

Follow Keith R Parsons on Twitter @KeithRParsons

Wireless LAN Professionals on the web

Keith R Parsons on TwitterWLAN Pros is a community founded and curated by Keith. It is dedicated to those who are passionate about the craft of Wireless LANs. Unlike many organizations, WLAN Pros is clear about its identity, audience (the name says it all) and mission statement: “A place to educate, inform, entertain, and inspire”.

This “place” is a far reaching networked community of people and ideas; it has a no-frills web home and many social channels. The evolving story of Wireless LAN shines through these outlets – it’s long on substance and short on window dressing. More on Keith Parsons and WLAN Pros can be found here.

A place to come and learn from, hang out with, and be inspired by other like-minded individuals.

Keith R Parsons

Outside of the virtual aspects of this Wireless LAN Pros community there is also an in-person conference series. Earlier this year, there was WLAN Pros Summit - US. In case you’ve missed out, you can find the video archive here.

October 13-15 2014: Wireless LAN Professionals EU Summit #WLPC_EU

Its sister event sold out in record time. Wireless LAN Professionals Conference - Europe is taking place October 13-15 2014 in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

The Wireless LAN Professionals EU Summit #WLPC_EU consists of two days of fun, great topics, awesome gear, and wonderful networking. The conference features presentations from a vast array of experts in the field. The event is designed with two track sessions and short powerful talks called Top Ten Talks. These are just like Ted Talks, only for all things Wi-Fi.

“We designed the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference to be the kind of event we’d like to personally attend. Lots of great technical content wrapped around an opportunity to spend time with our friends, colleagues, and a chance to meet more people who shared our passion for Wi-Fi. We say it is a conference for WLAN Professionals, by WLAN Professionals.”

Keith R. Parsons

[Tweet "#WLPC_EU is a conference by #WLAN professionals for #WLAN professionals via @KeithRParsons "]

Top Ten Talks

AirTight has 2 Top Ten Talk speakers. Allen Walker (@AirTight_Allen) who heads up AirTight’s EMEA technical team will speak on “Trials and Tribulations from a Wi-Fi and WIPS Deployment for a Global Distributed Enterprise”. If security forensics is your thing, you won’t want to miss senior wireless security researcher Rick Farina (@RickLikesWIPS) and “Wireless Hacking 201: Protecting Your Data in the Mobile World”. Both of these Top Ten Talks are scheduled for Wednesday, 15 October, 10 am – 11 am. Pick one or the other – either way you can’t go wrong.

Wireless LAN Professionals EU Summit #WLPC_EU has professional video production - tweet

“The reason we have all the sessions recorded and available free online after the conference is that is the way we wish all conferences would be – it’s all about the sharing of knowledge – making it as easy and seamless as possible.”

Keith R. Parsons

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Rick Farina @RickLikesWIPS saves the day ... Updated >> Read the full account: The Hunt for Rogue October by Rick Farina

Rick Farina saves the day at the WLAN Professionals Conference in Europe - October 14 2014

















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