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Windows 7: A New Wireless Risk for the Enterprise - Webinar

by AirTightTeam on Mar 3, 2010

Last week AirTight presented the first Webinar designed to educate network administrators and security professionals about the wireless risk introduced with Windows 7. The response was so overwhelming that we are presenting it live again on March 10. I guess we hit a nerve since AirMagnet is bringing up the rear now and presenting a Webinar on the subject. But if you want an in depth look at this topic and solid advice on protecting your network, join AirTight experts for a live encore presentation of our webinar:
Windows 7 - a New Enterprise Wireless Risk

When: Wednesday 10 March 2010, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Time Zone: (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada); Tijuana

Fueled by popular demand from those who could not make the first Webinar, AirTight is presenting a live repeat which describes how the Windows 7 “Virtual AP” allows users to create personal area networks over existing Wi-Fi interfaces, creating a new category of unauthorized and rogue Wi-Fi devices that evade existing wired security.

To register for this event, please go the following link:
If you have not registered for an AirTight Webinar before you will be asked to create your own password which you can use to join this event as well as future events.

While the risk has been known since Windows 7 was launched in November, not a lot has been written about just how much vulnerability the "soft AP" introduces into the enterprise and what can be done to protect your network.

This application can turn your employees’ Wi-Fi enabled corporate notebooks into Rogue APs behind your back, in just 2 clicks with no specialized hardware or software. External and unauthorized Wi-Fi clients can now access enterprise resources through this soft AP. Are “ghost users” riding behind your Windows 7 clients and jeopardizing the security of your wired and wireless networks?

AirTight’s Senior Wireless Architect, Dr. Kaustubh Phanse, and Director of Product Marketing, Mike Baglietto, discuss:

Three steps that will convert any Windows 7 system into a wireless threat –
How your enterprise data and wired network can be at risk and why you won’t know
Why network security defenses such as 802.1X/NAC cannot protect you
Why only wireless intrusion prevention mitigates this threat

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