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It Just Works!

by Robin Jellum on Feb 12, 2018

I just watched the Marysville Schools video case study. "It just works", "Plug and play" were the words that the IT Director and Network Administrator used to describe Mojo Networks WiFi. It is great to see an amazing vision come to fruition.

It reminded me of the Steve Jobs quote: “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”


At Mojo, our vision is to not do things they same old way but to rethink and make things easy, at every level. Be it: managing, troubleshooting, or support, we strive to change WiFi for the better. Here is a sampling of some of our innovations.

Tri-Radio APs
The third radio of the C-110 and C-130 allow you to proactively and remotely test your network without impacting the customer experience. Here are a few things an AP with a third radio can do with a right-click of a mouse, without affecting connected clients.

  • 3rd radio as a clientThe AP’s third radio can be used as a client to evaluate a neighboring AP. The third radio client connects like any client and evaluates WiFi, DHCP DNS, the gateway, the Internet, other servers, applications, voice over WiFi, and UDP/TCP throughput of both the WiFi and to the Internet. This can be done with a right-click on the AP to test, on a scheduled or manual basis, or both.
  • Spectrum analysisA right-click on a AP turns it into a spectrum analyzer that can monitor the RF of its environment while the AP continues to serve connected clients.
  • Packet CapturePick the AP and pick the options you want it with. The third radio allows you to capture on WiFi channels not being served by the AP. The capture can be WiFi, in-line wired, or both. Once the trace is taken is can be automatically uploaded to Mojo Packets for visual analysis or to download locally.

Cognitive WiFi™ brings intelligence to the network. Combining intelligent APs at the edge with the power of Mojo Cloud allows automated troubleshooting, diagnosis, and remediation. Cognitive WiFi provides Connectivity, Performance, and Applications dashboards that reveals what is important to the network administrator. Employing hover and click-to-drill-down makes it easy to dive deeper into problems, however this is usually unnecessary as Cognitive WiFi determines the problem’s root cause for you. No need for deep technical expertise or sophisticated analysis.

The AP performs Auto Packet Capture and root-cause analysis of each connection problem. The root cause analysis and packet capture are delivered to the cloud interface within seconds of a problem, before a user has time to report it. For more information on what Cognitive WiFi does today read Mojo Cognitive WiFi™ Feature Brief

The AP’s cloud license includes everything. No additional per-AP controller, WIPS, Guest Access, support, maintenance, etc. The AP’s one, three, or five year cloud subscription includes all existing and new features, improvements, and 24x7 global support.

Arguably the easiest SSID set up in the industry. Three steps and it’s up. Four if you want to add a fully functioning Guest Portal. When you buy Mojo APs, they automatically appear in your Mojo Cloud account. There is no need for serial numbers, barcodes, or MAC addresses to register them. APs are provisioned before you receive them so they are ready to use when they arrive. As soon as it is connected it to your network, it goes to Mojo Cloud, makes any necessary updates, gets its configuration, and is up and running. It takes about a minute. It’s that simple.

Comprehensive, 24x7 worldwide technical support for both WLAN and enterprise networking is included with your subscription. We've got you covered.

Lifetime Limited Warranty 
One of the best warranties you will ever see. As the original owner, you are covered for as long as you have a Mojo Access Point. Should an Access Point fail, call support to verify and we will ship a replacement in 24 hours. No need to return the failed hardware first or deal with unnecessary delays. 

A huge thanks to Marysville Exempted Village School District, because they get it. It just works! Want to know more about what Mojo can do for your WiFi? Get a 1:1 demo today!

I want a demo!


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