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Wi-Fi Hacking 101 – Ethical of Course! (+ Video)

by Zara on Jun 4, 2014

Watch the video from Wi-Fi Hacking 101 event series with Rick Farina, AirTight Networks senior wireless security researcher and resident hacker.

“Security? Who cares,” I hear most people say. They would quickly change their mind if they had met Rick Farina, AirTight’s ethical hacker (known on Twitter as @RickLikesWIPS). UK resellers got the opportunityat a series of Wi-Fi Hacking Events in May. The audience definitely got more than they bargained for with these workshops.

rick-farina-hacking101In attendance were partners who sell into all verticals varying from schools and colleges to banks and retailers. Rick was not only able to demonstrate the importance of providing a secure wireless solution, he showed the audience a range of wireless threats that hackers from around the globe may use to steal sensitive data.

During a live hacking demo, the whole room reverberated with the sound of jaws hitting the floor as Rick showed just how easy it can be to surreptitiously access your data with readily available hacking tools and techniques.

The audience really sat up and took note as Rick showed captured room audio and screen shots from the laptop and displayed the administrator’s password in clear text.

The video of Rick’s demo is a must watch for anyone that thinks that security is only for big companies.

“I feel like I’ve been violated, even though I know I haven’t,” said one attendee after watching Rick’s hacking demo.

That strong, huh?

Scared? Don’t be – AirTight's got you covered with its enterprise WiFi with true WIPS built in.

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