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Wi-Fi Certified Easy Connect for Device Onboarding

by Hemant Chaskar on Jul 9, 2018
WPA3 Security Image

Wi-Fi Alliance®  has introduced three new enhancements to security of Wi-Fi, namely WPA3, Enhanced Open and Easy Connect.

WPA3 introduces a scheme called WPA3-Personal that makes is difficult to crack Wi-Fi passwords used in Pre Shared Key (PSK) networks from sniffing of traffic. It is based on protocol called SAE (Dragonfly).

Based on a protocol called Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE), Enhanced Open introduces a scheme for encrypting traffic on wireless link but without authentication.

I have covered Dragonfly and OWE in detail in my previous video blog, published after Wi-Fi Alliance gave enough hints about WPA3-Personal and Enhanced Open before formally announcing interoperability certification for them.

Easy Connect however came as a pleasant surprise in Wi-Fi Alliance’s recent announcement. Easy Connect introduces a protocol called Device Provisioning Protocol (DPP) for onboarding of devices on a secure Wi-Fi networks. The DPP design addresses provisioning of IoT devices for traditional PSK security, WPA3-Personal PSK security or a new type of security called Connectors.

Watch this video for details on Easy Connect:

 wpa3 hemant video
Watch all four WPA3 Security Enhancement videos here.

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