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A Mojo Customer Story: Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio (UAX)

by Cherie Martin on May 22, 2017

Today’s learning environments are evolving and growing at a rapid pace, with more students & faculty accessing and sharing online content than ever before.  For many schools, it is a balancing act to meet the demand for ever-increasing bandwidth on a secure network utilizing fixed budgets and existing IT staffing levels.  

For a real-world example of this environmental trend, look no further than the Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio (UAX). Founded in 1994 in Madrid, UAX is one of Spain’s largest private universities. The university system has eight facilities, including clinical buildings, a university hospital, a veterinarian hospital, and classrooms where Healthcare Science, Engineering, and Social Science curriculums are delivered to over 10,000 students by 1,000 faculty members.  An estimated 84% of these users access the network every day, and the network often supports over 2,000 concurrent users at any given time. Further, demand for network access rises 35% annually, and over half of all users complained about the speed of the network. 

Santiago Portela, the Director of IT for UAX, knew that in order for his organization to maintain agility they would need to find a wireless network solution that could evolve easily without requiring burdensome on-premises investment with the roll out of each additional service. Focusing on a cloud-based solution was strategic because it centralized the point of management, consolidated risk, and offered the ability to be updated very easily as new capabilities were introduced.

Portela and his team had a great experience with Mojo and our industry-leading Wireless Intrusion Protection Solution (WIPS), formerly branded AirTight, and they were eager to include Mojo when evaluating other WiFi solutions. UAX found the power of the Mojo Networks Cognitive WiFi solution to provide the most value for their organization. Their solution:  C-130 tri-radio Wave 2 802.11ac access points and the Mojo cloud-based management console which includes Mojo Aware – a powerful, auto-learning analytics module that collects network performance information and produces graphical reports.

“This new management platform brings great value to our organization, and is exactly what we were looking for. We made a strategic choice to implement a cloud-based management platform that would enable our organization to be agile and evolve with the growing needs of our users. The analytics the Mojo solution offers plays a key role in our ability to provide all our users with great quality of service. Our students are happier, and we are now in the position to offer more WiFi based services than ever before.”

-Santiago Portela, Director of IT, Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio


  • Seamless WiFi experience for more than 10,000 students and 1,000 faculty members who depend on high-performance WiFi.
  • Easy to use cloud-based management plane saves team time, scales with the university’s growing network demand, and presents information in a graphical format easily consumed by multiple stakeholders across the organization.
  • Auto-learning analytics provide metrics that enable issues to be solved quickly and proactive strategies to be built for highest possible quality of service
  • Industry leading security – absolute requirement
  • Increased ability to roll out more wireless services than ever before

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