Wi-Fi Certified Easy Connect for Device Onboarding
Posted by Hemant Chaskar on Jul 9, 2018
WPA3 Security Image

Wi-Fi Alliance®  has introduced three new enhancements to security of Wi-Fi, namely WPA3, Enhanced Open and Easy Connect.

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Wireless Mojo at MES East: Awards, Pictures and Spunk
Posted by AirTightTeam on May 5, 2014

This was the first year we attended MES (Midsize Enterprise Summit) where over 200 CIOs of midsize companies gather to discuss how to improve business outcomes through the strategic use of technology.

Vendors give a 3-min pitch during Quick Fire general session, give boardrfacebook loginoom presentations and demonstrate solutions on their booths in the showcase. We went with the Wireless Mojo theme (“we may not be the best known Wi-Fi vendor, but we have lots of mojo!”) CIOs then vote on numerous categories, including best Quick Fire, best ROI, best case study presentation, and others. (For all categories and winners, please see "XCellence Awards Honor Vendors At MES East 2014" from XChange. As you will see, we beat other Wi-Fi vendors who had attended these events for many years).

Highlights from the show:

Team ahead of Quick Fire presentation

Lots of Wireless Mojo at MES East 2014
Posted by AirTightTeam on Apr 28, 2014
Need wireless mojo? We've got it!

This week we are at Midsize Enterprise East Summit (MES East) in Orlando. The conference brings together 220+ CIOs and senior level IT decision makers. They come together to meet with top technology vendors to focus on the latest and greatest IT opportunities for their business.

What is AirTight focusing on during the conference? Businesses are always looking at ways to improve sales and efficiency. At the same time, brand protection is paramount, especially in the light of recent high-profile security breaches at major retailers. With our analytics DNA, we are turning Wi-Fi from a cost center to a business driver - the value of the network is not just in connectivity, but in the ability to constantly monitor your environment, be it for sales & marketing or security.

Wi-Fi Speeds-n-Feeds Are So Old-school
Posted by Devin Akin on Oct 30, 2013

Speed-n-feeds are not the future of enterprise Wi-Fi. Speed-n-feeds are like my grandmother's potatoes. I'll explain.

Speed is a given. Speed is a commodity. This is what you talk about when you have nothing else to offer, such as system intelligence. Some companies keep trying to rehash the speeds-n-feeds story like my grandmother used to treat potatoes. First, you'd have baked potatoes. If you didn't eat all of them, the next night, you'd have mashed potatoes – made from those same potatoes, of course. If there happened to be any left-overs after that, you'd have fried potato cakes the next night. Believe me, the list of how those potatoes could be served was endless until those potatoes were gone. Same potatoes, different day.