Wi-Fi Certified Easy Connect for Device Onboarding
Posted by Hemant Chaskar on Jul 9, 2018
WPA3 Security Image

Wi-Fi Alliance®  has introduced three new enhancements to security of Wi-Fi, namely WPA3, Enhanced Open and Easy Connect.

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Alpha partners with Mojo to deliver prolific hotspots and business connectivity on a global scale
Posted by Freddy Mangum on Feb 29, 2016

In today‘s increasingly connected world, the need for Wi-Fi hotspots and wireless business connectivity has skyrocketed as cable operators look for ways to deliver value-added services like video, voice and high speed Wireless Internet access. With a wireless network in everyone‘s mobile device, cable providers are constantly in search of the most innovative, scalable and cost-effective products to keep up with the growing demand for connectivity.

What Factors are Shaping the Method for Traffic Offload to Unlicensed Spectrum?
Posted by Hemant Chaskar on Sep 24, 2015

Telecom operators have set their eyes on offloading traffic to the unlicensed spectrum in the quest of increasing wireless capacity. To this end, we often hear terms like Wi-Fi offload, LTE-U (and its standards-based version called LAA), LWA etc. It is one thing to learn about any technology by hearing about it, but it is another to learn by getting your hands dirty working on it. I got to do exactly the latter when we engaged in the project to provide Wi-Fi offload network (of seven digit scale) for a telecom operator on the AirTight cloud Wi-Fi platform. It helped me gather better understanding of the offload technology and telco Wi-Fi market vertical.

Why SON May Be SDN Made For Wireless
Posted by Hemant Chaskar on Aug 18, 2015

There is an emerging trend to apply SDN (Software Defined Network) to Wi-Fi. Much of this discussion today is geared towards applying SDN constructs like OpenFlow and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to Wi-Fi access points (APs). For example, OpenFlow interface on the AP to configure its settings from the SDN controller or to configure traffic handling on the AP such as packet classifiers and QoS from the SDN controller. Another discussion point is around tunneling AP traffic to NFV node for service provisioning. While these are good ideas, they do not cut to the essence of Wi-Fi, which is in the wireless. That is to say, these concepts are applied to APs in the same way they apply to other wired network elements like switches.

Google Project Fi – New Era for Mobile Technology?
Posted by Sriram Venkiteswaran on May 19, 2015

Google Project Fi is a new program launched by Google that claims to deliver fast, easy mobile service in partnership with leading carriers to create a unique experience for its subscribers. Below is a summary of its key features as advertised:

More on the Inner Workings of LTE-U for the Wi-Fi Professional
Posted by Hemant Chaskar on Apr 9, 2015

The first part of this 2-part blog covered the following topics:

Inner Workings of LTE-U for a Wi-Fi Professional
Posted by Hemant Chaskar on Apr 7, 2015

Earlier in my career, I worked for a cellular network vendor where I specifically focused on 3GPP (and 3GPP2) networks. Today, I am majorly into Wi-Fi and as you would expect, cellular networking went to my back burner. There existed a clear separation between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. That has now changed as the telco carriers turn to the unlicensed spectrum to add capacity.

ISP Network on the Home Side and the Role Wi-Fi May Play
Posted by Hemant Chaskar on Feb 25, 2015

Recently, net neutrality has been a hot topic of debate. The discussion mostly centers on Internet video transmission in the ISP (Internet Service Provider) core network.

2015: Banner Year for Retail Wi-Fi
Posted by AirTightTeam on Jan 28, 2015

The New Year is a time to reflect on the changes we want or need to make. January is usually all about resolutions, setting goals and getting a fast fresh start. This applies just as much in business as it does on an individual level. All indications are that 2015 will be a banner year in the Wi-Fi industry as well as for AirTight partners and customers!

2015: The Year of Experience and Scale
Posted by Hemant Chaskar on Jan 16, 2015

Scale versus Scalability

They are different notions. Scale is mostly about numbers, but scalability incorporates business enablement in addition to scale.