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The Future of WiFi Starts Here

by Rick Wilmer on Apr 28, 2016

I am thrilled to share that following a successful trial with Global 2000 customers over the past year, Mojo is rolling out its new business strategy for enterprise WiFi to all users. Through our esteemed channel partners, our customers can now purchase our state-of-the-art WiFi hardware without a pricey markup...none, zero, no mark up...period. Customers can buy our access points just the way they always have – from Mojo partners – along with our leading cloud service to manage those access points. The access points, and thus the overall solution, is now (a lot) less costly. This revolutionary direct-to-market business model lets users save up to 50% over traditional WiFi vendors.

black-ice-2.jpgWhy is Mojo doing this? We’re doing the right thing for our customers, and at a grander level, for the entire market. We’re breaking the mold of the proprietary WiFi networking business model, and it starts with decoupling hardware from the rest of the solution. The networking industry is infamous for creating proprietary solutions that result in vendor lock-in. When a customer has become hostage to a proprietary solution, you’ve created the ideal conditions for egregious pricing practices. We hold a fundamental belief that profit should be aligned with value creation and nothing more. I’d love to claim we’re the first company to take this stand, but we’re not. I would argue that open platform initiatives such as Open Compute and Open Power were created as a direct response to expensive proprietary solutions. These open initiatives have had a profoundly positive effect on the IT industry by leveraging the power of collective minds to drive new ideas and lower costs. It’s time for this to happen in WiFi networking, and we want to lead the way. This is a critical step in our work to bring the industry a better future where enterprises have more options, more control, and more velocity in regards to their WiFi.

This business model represents a massive cost reduction to the market and is poised to benefit companies who’ve been held back by traditional enterprise WiFi networking. The proprietary nature of WiFi solutions (including hardware, operating systems, and network management systems) have placed an unnecessary burden on the end user and have stymied the pace of innovation for developers. We are hopeful this creates a “crack in the dam” when it comes to the cost of enterprise networking. We want to help break the historical dilemma of vendor lock-in and high prices that result from proprietary solutions. This dam has been cracked in data center networking with the advent of white label switches, and it’s now time to see these benefits come to the general enterprise. As we push this model, the benefits will become massive: fast scaling to meet demand, rapid enterprise-wide software updates, more flexibility for IT organizations, better business agility for our customers...all at very low costs.

Virtualization technology is an essential ingredient for this model to work. With virtualized WiFi, there are no controllers. With no controller capex and very low cost access points, many of our customers can deploy our top notch enterprise WiFi below the threshold of capex. And even better, cloud managed WiFi provides businesses with more flexibility, better agility, and also enables rapid enterprise-wide software updates, which is particularly critical when it comes to WiFi security. Customers can roll out regular software updates including security updates, with ease.

Decoupling hardware from the buying process is a game-changer for the industry, and one that is inevitable. This business model will be extremely beneficial to our current and future customers and fully aligns with how access point value is created in today’s world. Furthermore, we’re paving the way for the elimination of proprietary systems that lock in customers, reduce customer choice, slow innovation, and inflate costs.

It’s the start of a new era for WiFi acceleration. I can’t wait to show you what comes next.

Rick Wilmer
CEO at Mojo Networks

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