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Targeting WiFi Dinosaurs

by Rick Wilmer on Jul 14, 2016

Imagine 65 million years ago, a Tyrannosaurus rex looking up at the night sky. (Despite what we saw in Jurassic Park, the T. rex actually had excellent eyesight.) She might enjoy looking at the stars, and maybe one night, she saw a shooting star moving across the sky. She gave it a second glance, and probably should have paid closer attention, but continued to move on into the night.

Mojo is like that shooting star that the T. rex notices, and we know what she represents. We’re moving, we’ve been noticed, we’re starting to get second glances as our new pricing model garners attention. Back in April, we announced we were making all of our 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2 access points available with no markup: no profit for us, no margin. The reactions have ranged from amusement, to disbelief, to clued in. Those who are amused are likely feeling threatened, those who didn’t believe just viewed it as a marketing ploy, while those who are clued in see the future.

Like the shooting star that’s racing towards the T. rex and the rest of the dinosaurs, there is a lot of change coming. As I explained in prior blog posts, Mojo is all about putting a stop to a world where customers have to pay for overpriced proprietary solutions. IT departments are fighting back against vendor lock-in, and the prices that come from that lock-in, and our pricing model is fuel for that fire.

We all know that proprietary solutions are done for a few reasons: control, power, profits. If there’s only one vendor that provides a network, that vendor is able to charge artificially inflated prices because there’s no competition. Thus, the status quo remains intact and the pace of innovation and advancement in the industry keeps going at a snail’s pace.

Why have enterprise customers let this situation exist for so long? Why have they tolerated it? Because it’s a lock-in from the beginning. The IT department purchases a few products, and then needs to expand and they go back to the same dinosaur. They might not like that dinosaur, but they know that that breed will play well together. They’re locked in, so they just they grin and bear it.

Why is Mojo playing the shooting star, looking to take out the dinosaurs? We believe that the dinosaur mindset and lock-in has hurt the networking industry as a whole. We are taking access points back to zero — taking away the motivation to be lazy and docile — by taking away access point profit greed. While the dinosaurs have no motivation to innovate, we have all the motivation to see the industry move forward to a smarter networking solution.

We are not proponents of doing away with any of the great technology being developed by WiFi vendors. On the contrary, I will humbly claim our technology is some of the best and we would never want to see that become unavailable to the market simply because access points became standardized and commoditized.

What we do want to see is a system that is motivated by lower costs, diversity of choice, and no need to “rip and replace” access points if you want to change your WLAN management system. We are in a position to lead the charge, one that we will continue to speak about at industry events and in the industry press, to push our industry forward into a new era.

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