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Speed Wins… and Feels Really Good, Too

by Rick Wilmer on Aug 10, 2016

I have a friend in Hong Kong who bought a new Lamborghini. As an automotive enthusiast I was inquisitive. Hong Kong traffic is horrendous, thus I was particularly curious about where he could actually drive his Lambo. I asked: “Where can you go fast?” In all seriousness he replied: “Why would I want to go fast? Nobody would ever see me!”

This answer made me laugh and would have never occurred to me. I enjoy fast cars because I love speed… in all shapes and forms. Something about going fast feeds an inner hunger, fans a flame, ignites a passion. I even love to watch fast cars. Formula One is especially intriguing to me because it blends speed and leading edge technology... and I love technology as much as I love speed.

My thirst for speed also dominates my work life. All of our competitors are bigger, have more brand recognition, more customers, more engineers, bigger budgets, more sales people, etc. How do we win against that? Why are we doing so well despite these big disparities? Speed is the reason, and it’s a major reason for our success. While speed alone won’t win, it is probably our must fundamental competitive advantage.

What Speed Means in Business

When you think of a car, speed is easy to understand – it’s measured right in front of you on the speedometer. But more than that, you can feel physical speed. It’s visceral, even emotional (at least for me). That feeling is what I look for at work. When I feel it like I do at Mojo, I know we’re on the right track.

But what is speed in terms of a company? Why are we like the Formula One car while the big competitors move like overloaded RVs? There are various reasons, but the top one centers on control. A business needs to control finances, compliance with legal regulations, adherence to contract terms, etc. If any of these areas get out of control, the business can get into trouble.

Speed vs. Control

Consider spending. If a hypothetical company had a free-spending policy where any employee could spend any amount on whatever they wanted, what would happen? The answer is obvious: the company would spin of control, at least financially, even if the employees were spending with good intentions. So, companies have process instead. Purchase requisitions require approvals, PO’s get sent to purchasing and finance for further approval, etc.

These kinds of processes allow control over spending, but also slow things down. As companies get large, more and more process gets implemented, few are ever eliminated, and ultimately it turns into bureaucracy: process for the sake of process. At some point, people are employed to just keep processes running, whether the processes serve real needs or not. Even worse, their job security depends on making things go slow.

Mojo is acutely aware of how much process we have in our business. We have some, but just enough to stay under control. Before we implement any process, we must be absolutely convinced that the gain in control is worth the speed we’re going to sacrifice. We have a high bar in this regard, because speed is so critical to our success. At this point in our evolution I can proudly say that, once we have all the information, we can make any decision in less than a day. We are innovating rapidly and clearly going faster than our larger competitors.

Hardware Speed and Productivity

Speed also is a fundamental element to our product portfolio, and one of the main reasons our business is growing so quickly. WiFi, and even networking for that matter, is all about getting information to and from people faster. The more rapid the information exchange, the faster a business can go, and the more productive it is. That’s what we do for our customers: from the IT organization to their WiFi users, we help people get more done. Our C-120 is the highest performance access point on the market. Our C-130 is even faster.

And There’s a Lot More Coming

Fast WiFi is only great when it works. If a user has a problem connecting or a slow connection, productivity takes a hit. Next month we will announce a new product for keeping users reliably connected. It’s like nothing ever seen before. The productivity boost for both IT departments and their users will be profound. Mojo is moving faster and helping our cherished customers move faster, too.

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