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Social Wi-Fi Finds Home in Education (+Video)

by Zara on May 28, 2014

UK high school uses social networking technology to enhance student experience.

wi-fi-education Harwich and Dovercourt High School uses social Wi-Fi to engage students

Headmasters in the UK see social Wi-Fi as an invaluable way of promoting their schools as tech savvy. Competition is fierce, especially among private schools, and social Wi-Fi is an innovative means of recruiting students and connecting with them. What better way to reach students regarding events, news and key issues than by communicating on their preferred social platforms.

“Children often find school boring, so if we as an institution are able to communicate with them on a level that they find interesting and engaging, then we are not going miss out on this opportunity. On the other hand, the need for security within education is paramount and is often a deciding factor for parents when looking for a school. AirTight social Wi-Fi supports our mission to be social, while protecting the network and securing users’ communications.”

Richard Blott, IT manager for Harwich and Dovercourt High School

As education technologies evolve, the need for more devices to be added to a school’s network grow continually. Harwich and Dovercourt High School plans to initiate a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, which AirTight facilitated without the need for any other systems or training. One of the key selling points is how little day to day maintenance their system needs, thus allowing school’s staff to maintain their focus on education.

“AirTight was able to provide us with fast and secure access, proactively identifying threats to our network. AirTight came in at an attractive price point and in today’s economic climate who isn’t looking for a deal!”

Richard Blott

View the interview with Richard:

AirTight Wi-Fi is a cloud-based solution – there is no single point of failure, as opposed to a controller-based environment. This means that students cannot ever give an excuse as to why they haven’t got their schoolwork done! Blott notes other selling points such as “affordable, scalable, and easy to manage.”

“Social Wi-Fi is a new twist on ‘plain old’ wireless connectivity. Brand engagement through social media is not just for retail and hospitality. Any business, including a school, has to build and protect its brand, and when you can do it via your Wi-Fi network, you turn it from a cost center into a tool with high business value.”

Simon Hollister, director for UK and Ireland at AirTight Networks

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