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School WiFi Device Management

by Sean Blanton on Mar 17, 2016

In the past, a school IT department kept the phone systems running and maintained some desktop computers. Those days are long gone. Today, IT people need to monitor and maintain not just more computers than ever before, but mobile computers: tablets and laptops and smartphones. Some are owned by the school, but teachers and students also bring their own. How can IT maintain, control, and keep track of them all?

It’s easier than you think: a Mojo network comes with an extensive suite of features, each designed and built to make your job (and your life) easier. You won’t need a separate, third-party application for mobile device management (MDM) to accomplish these core tasks.

Let’s look at some of them.

Mojo Navigator simplifies network management

One that regularly impresses even experienced IT people is Mojo Navigator. It provides both high-level  and granular details about all aspects of a network, from general network health to specific performance metrics for access points and clients. Change configurations easily with automatic policy propagation, across local and remote networks, from one central place. No visits to schools! That’s the power of the Mojo cloud, saving you time and trouble.

Location tracking with Mojo AirTight

There are often problems with lost and stolen devices. That’s just one area where Mojo AirTight, our award-winning WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention system) can help. Using predictive algorithms and a received signal strength indicator (RSSI), it charts an approximate distance from each access point in range and maps the result to a floorplan.

The beauty of this approach means that even one single Mojo AP can help locate a missing device! Yes, triangulation can give you a more precise location, but only if a mobile device is within range of two or more access points. In schools, devices are often in range of only a single access point, so a range mapped to a floor plan can allow you to find a device even without triangulation. 

Getting the most from special events with Mojo Canvas

School often host special events such as sports and theater events, fundraisers, and PTA meetings. Many attendees will be bringing their phones and tablets and logging onto to your network, but you can to do so much more than simply give them a good connection at the time. Why not keep them engaged, for later follow-ups? Mojo Canvas allows you to easily create custom splash pages. You don’t need any web design skills to create custom forms, capture emails, and integrate with social media and you can change the look and feel at a moment's notice.

These are just some of the ways in which Mojo helps anyone working with school IT systems. You can find out more by requesting a free, personalized demo today.

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