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The Region 6 ESC and Mojo Partnership, Opening the Doors for Digital Learning Throughout Texas

by Erika Hashemi on May 15, 2017

In March of 2016, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the launch of the Classroom Connectivity Initiative, designed to facilitate access to technology in a world where learning is no longer confined to the pages of a book or the walls of a classroom. Working with the Texas Education Agency and Education Service Centers like Region 6, the State aims to equip every classroom with robust connectivity to support each student’s digital learning experience.

A Solution to Enable Them All
In addition to supporting their school’s technology initiatives, Region 6 is working to become a Mojo Networks Managed Service Provider (MSP). The primary goals behind this innovative partnership are to offer each District with top-notch support and competitive pricing on Mojo Networks products. Working closely with their schools, Region 6 has discovered that a number of them lack either the staff or capacity to manage the network on their own. With Mojo Cloud, Region 6 can remotely manage and troubleshoot any of these locations from a single console, turning the dream of scalability into an actuality.

“We are excited to have partnered with Mojo Networks to support our school districts which include 184,000 students. The biggest benefit we’ve seen comes from Mojo Aware. The analytics and insight are next level, providing us with visibility into problems that were once impossible to trace. We are now operating with the data needed to effectively troubleshoot.”

-Dustyn Davis, Network Engineer, Region 6 Education Service Center

Mojo Benefits:

  • Mojo’s Cognitive WiFi™ solution provides significant cost savings to the Region’s 60 School Districts
  • Improves WiFi performance for rural area schools serviced by Region 6 ESC
  • Mojo Cloud remote management and Mojo Aware troubleshooting dashboards removes the additional need to travel onsite to various schools
  • Delivers valuable insight and data that was once impossible to uncover, making it simple to effectively troubleshoot hundreds of school locations

Download the Entire Region 6 Case Study

Learn more about Region 6 ESC by visiting their Website or via Twitter @escregion6


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