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Let’s Have a Public Bakeoff of Mojo C-120 vs. Meraki MR53

by Freddy Mangum on Sep 13, 2016

Surprisingly, we have been receiving a lot of social media chatter from Meraki folks about our latest performance testing comparing the Mojo C-120 to Meraki’s MR53, two leading 802.11ac Wave 2 access points.

The Value of Performance Testing

Our testing methodology aims to be highly transparent and objective, with the intent to help both (a) enterprise end-users and (b) the partner community to make informed decisions. We believe in letting product performance data be the source of truth. Sometimes we do well, and other times we don’t. But regardless of outcome, we use this data to improve our products and deliver the best solutions possible. At Mojo Networks, we are committed to being objective in our testing and are here to inform the market and letting data speak for itself.

No Need To Make It Personal

800 lb gorillaIt is interesting that we recently received some accusations of introducing marketing FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). In our experience, FUD does not work long-term. It does not lay the foundation for a trusting relationship with enterprise end-users and partners, because they are too smart to fall for FUD.

We also had no intention of getting an angry growl from the 800 lb. gorilla (Cisco/Meraki). At Mojo, throwing insults back and forth provides no value. Let product performance and functionality speak on their own.

Name the Time and Place

For the benefit of the enterprise end-user and partner community, we at Mojo Networks would like to advocate a public bakeoff between the Mojo C-120 and the Meraki MR53, managed by a neutral third party. So, we are formally inviting Cisco/Meraki to name the time and place. We can work up a mutually agreeable methodology and lab set-up, and let the test results speak for themselves.

boxing ring

So to the folks at Cisco/Meraki, if you have nothing to hide, why wouldn’t you do this test?

If you would like to see this test to take place between Mojo C-120 and Meraki MR53, please send an email to [email protected].

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