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A+ WiFi on the Big Days and Every Day

by Jeff Olson on Oct 24, 2017
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Johnny is excited - well, not really - because tomorrow is state-wide, academic-testing day at his school. For weeks now, his teachers have told him just how important this day is for him and his school. Even his parents were instructed on how they can help prepare Johnny for the big day: ensure he gets enough sleep, has a quality breakfast, and arrives to school on-time. Johnny isn’t thrilled by this extra attention.

It’s test day.

Johnny arrives on-time and runs into his friends on the playground. They banter:

“I hate tests.”

“Why is this such a big deal?”  

“Ms. Foster has been talking about it every single day.”

The bell sounds, and everyone heads to class.

Johnny sits at his desk. He feels a bit nervous. Ms. Foster hands out the tablets to use for the test, points to the instructions on the board, and asks everyone to turn the devices on and sign-in.

“Ms. Foster, my exam application isn’t working,” says Johnny.

Johnny isn’t alone. It doesn’t take long for Ms. Foster to realize that none of her students are able to connect to the testing application.

The WiFi is down.

Johnny breathes a sigh of relief.

What happened?

Behind the scenes, the IT team scrambles to troubleshoot the issue and get everyone back online.

As a K-12 IT Administrator, does this sound familiar?

What if you could proactively test client connectivity and application performance to prepare for the big days? What if you could enable faster troubleshooting through automatic packet capture? What if you could detect and respond to anomalies before the users do? What if you could protect students and your data with best in class security?

With Mojo Cognitive WiFi performance assurance, you can.   

Deliver A+ WiFi on the big days and every day.

Watch our recorded webinar on Future-proofing K-12 WiFi with Mojo Cloud.

Webinar - Future-Proofing K-12 WiFi

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