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Presidio Partners: "Why We Like AirTight"

by Freddy Mangum on Jul 21, 2015

At Presidio Partners, we strongly believe in the power of technology, innovation, and data to push our entrepreneurs and ourselves in ways that will make the world a better place and help us meet ever-changing societal challenges. This view informs our pursuit of investment opportunities with young, growing companies.

We found those qualities with AirTight Networks, the Mountain View, California-based developer of the next generation of intelligent edge, secure, and flexible WLAN solutions. AirTight’s approach to the development of these technologies and the audience they were reaching really captured our interest.

AirTight helps organizations both large and small with easy-to-deploy and manage Wi-Fi solutions, enabling guest onboarding and conferencing that befits modern, mobile, and dispersed businesses. The company is developing wireless solutions and security for both enterprise and SMB markets as well as the new world of mobile and social networking, including the burgeoning BYOD (bring your own device) audience.

With the growth of the BYOD movement comes new security headaches for enterprise network and data security, and in response, the company’s AirTight WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention) is offering restricted network access, 24/7 monitoring and other features to help manage BYOD.

For social Wi-Fi and analytics, AirTight Social Wi-Fi is integrating Wi-Fi access and social networking to facilitate user communities and engagement. And AirTight’s Wi-Fi based analytics provides insights into the behavior of audiences.

We deployed an AirTight 802.11ac Wi-Fi network

At Presidio Partners, we rely on our network to support a variety of cloud-based, high-density applications, and after an evaluation process for a recent network upgrade, we selected AirTight Networks’ 802.11ac Wi-Fi network. Its high speed and low latency provided reliable, uninterrupted communications with our colleagues across the country.

AirTight Networks’ plug-and-play deployment required half the number of access points as our previous solution, resulting in significant time and cost savings. And while the previous administrative portal was not intuitive, the AirTight GUI was intuitive, customizable, and easy to use.

The Presidio team seeks to embrace change and creativity to improve outcomes because that is what we believe it will take to successfully tackle the business challenges of the coming decade. We believe AirTight’s solutions will do the same with their forward-looking approach. AirTight’s solutions provide an impressive lineup of benefits, all looking forward to the emerging trends in our working and social world.

Keep an eye on AirTight. They’re going places.

For more information, read the case study.

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