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Pleading the fifth at Wireless Field Day 5

by AirTightTeam on Aug 15, 2013

AirTight R&D and support teams, based in Pune (India), tune in live to watch WFD5. AirTight R&D and support teams, based in Pune (India), tune in live to watch WFD5.

It’s not often that you get a group of Wi-Fi independent thought leaders together in the same room. Last week, we had the privilege to address such a group at Wireless Field Day 5 (WFD5). This was the first time that AirTight presented at the semi-annual event. We’re hoping to be invited to the next one in February.

AirTight Networks to Make its Live Tech Field Day Debut at Wireless Field Day 5 in Silicon Valley

What made this event all the more interesting is that our session was streamed live over the Internet. An AirTight video archive was then created and can easily be referenced at any time from the Tech Field Day site.

The AirTight session started off with a welcome by CEO David King. His talk provided a view into the richness and depth of the wireless industry and even included a reference to Dilbert Wi-Fi. Following are a few tweets that reflect the sentiment around David’s introductory remarks.

wirelessguru tweet

Keith R Parsons tweet

Stephen Foskett tweet

Next came a demonstration of the AirTight user interface and ease-of-use by Dr. Kaustubh Phanse, principal wireless architect and chief evangelist, and an analytics and social Wi-Fi demonstration by Sean Blanton, senior systems engineer.

These two demonstrations were then followed by a technical presentation on the AirTight cloud-based Wi-Fi management plane by Dr. Hemant Chaskar, VP of technology and innovation. For more depth around what differentiates a cloud-based Wi-Fi management plane from traditional architectures, you’ll want to read this @CHemantC blog post.

AirTight WFD5 picture archive by Jennifer Huber

There was no shortage of questions for each of the presenters and it seems that the candor of AirTight answers was well received. The WFD5 delegates waste no time in voicing their opinions. This blog post by Blake Krone was published a few minutes after the final ‘innovation’ presentation by CTO Pravin Bhagwat. Ryan Adzima later published a post titled NMS UI and the product managers that hate us.


Each WFD5 delegate was given an AirTight C55 AP to test drive via AirTight’s cloud service. If you’d like to experience AirTight cloud Wi-Fi for yourself, request your free AP today.

|Free AP Banner

Enquiring Minds Want To Know …

The delegates are a very social bunch and their questions and comments light up Twitter as the sessions progressed. Their curiosity knows no bounds and it seems that nothing is off limits. There were even tweets asking about the meaning of the tattoo on Sean Blanton’s forearm. If AirTight is invited to WFD6, Sean might be convinced to show them the one on his back …

And while we’re on the topic of questions, we’re wondering whatever happened to the AirTight “5”? We think that Lee Badman knows … but he’s pleading the fifth.

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