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Open WiFi Success at OCP Summit 2018

by Robin Jellum on Mar 23, 2018

I have been around the networking business long enough to remember the early days of the InterOp trade show, before it became N+I and the other variants. The two things I remember most about it was laying out a thick Ethernet cable the length of the show for the network backbone, and the excitement that we were part of changing the world.

The second time I felt that much excitement from a networking technology at a trade show was when 802.11b first appeared and we were showing it at Eric Benhamou’s keynote address. We knew WiFi was going to change the way everyone worked and played.

Murthy and Bhup-979884-edited.jpgNow, everyone takes these breakthroughs for granted. One rarely considers the concerted efforts and the vendor cooperation it took to change the world.

While attending the OCP Summit this week as I talked with the other participants I had the same feeling. OCP is another game changer. It was refreshing to talk to people who get the new paradigm. Don’t get me wrong, I like talking to anyone about technology but people at OCP already see the future and have a clear vision of the possibilities. They are the visionaries, the ones pushing the envelope and not satisfied with the status quo. 

Mojo had the unique honor of being the only WiFi vendor at the OCP summit. We worked with Edgecore Networks to show that WiFi disaggregation is a reality today by using our NOS on their hardware. Together we provided a great WiFi experience to the 3400 attendees on the show floor. Disaggregated WiFi had never been done before outside the lab. We took the risk of deploying a disaggregated solution in a very challenging environment, and it worked flawlessly. We even received compliments on how fast the WiFi was compared to other shows.

"We do massive WiFi deployments every week at large-scale events and we were pleased at how well this open WiFi network performed." 

--Networking team at FNtech 

 Like the other participants at the show we are excited about the future of open compute and look forward to working the other vendors to bring the cognitive cloud to their solutions.

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