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Not All Cyber Criminals Are that Smart

by AirTightTeam on Jul 6, 2009

This story seems to come from the files of "I am ten feet tall and bulletproof." Many of us have a mixed reaction to those who are able to manipulate computers and code to their advantage for criminal acts. We wonder why they do not use their talents to simply make money the old fashioned way but also are outraged at their actions which disrupt our lives, compromise our security and cost us money. But then you read a story such as the one Robert McMillen of IDG posted over the weekend about the security guard and ersatz hacker who allegedly videotaped his cyber exploits at the clinic he was supposed to be protecting and then posted them to YouTube. He claimed to be adding botnets which would allow him to do a denial of service attack on July 4 just for the fun of it. He did get caught. You really have to read this story which is both funny and sad at the same time.

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