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Using Mojo RESTful APIs and Alexa to Perform a Live Network Test

by Murthy Jvr on Jul 28, 2017
Alexa thumbnail image.png

The power of Mojo APIs can be harnessed to build a variety of useful applications. One such application is an Alexa skill that can provide a voice interface for Mojo Cognitive WiFi. In this example I show how to build an Alexa skill that runs a live client connectivity test for any of your network locations and then tells you the results. This example uses the Alexa skills kit API and the Mojo’s RESTful APIs. 

The following picture shows the high-level workflow.

Amazon Dot - Mojo API.jpg

This example provides an overview of what I did to integrate Mojo’s Cognitive WiFi with Alexa using Mojo’s RESTful APIs and Amazon’s Alexa skill set. You can see the Alexa network test in action in the video below.

Click below to get the code I wrote and the details on how to do it yourself. 


Topics: Cloud Managed, featured, Guest WiFi, open api, RESTful API