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Mojo Cloud Managed Platform Release - March 2016

by Sean Blanton on Mar 14, 2016

Hello, Mojo world! We’re really excited about our most recent release to the Mojo cloud managed platform and I wanted to quickly share some highlights. There’s a lot packed into this release. Both Wireless Manager and Guest Manager got updates that will help you with every aspect of your WiFi program - whether it’s for providing fast, reliable access, ensuring the most secure environment possible, or looking for cool new ways to engage with your guests after they connect.

Access. The terms “fast” and “reliable” are synonymous with a great WiFi experience, and it’s no small feat to make it happen. In a world full of wireless devices creating noise in the 802.11 spectrum, we’ve made big improvements to how Mojo access points maintain the best signal possible. We’ve enhanced the mechanisms that allow our access points to dynamically switch channels when interference is high, and improved our QoS properties to better prioritize different types of traffic.

Security. We’re proud that we continue to give you the industry’s leading WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention system) through Mojo AirTight. We’ve now improved its ability to closely control who can connect to what with the addition of “Managed SSIDs.” Simply put, you can now enforce access control on a per-SSID level, keeping your ever-expanding networks protected at the edge and free from unauthorized connections.

Engagement. Back at NRF 2016 we showcased the frontier of WiFi engagement with new features that keep the conversation with your guests going, even as they browse the web. Now you can trigger specialized SMS/MMS messages when guests visit targeted websites, and add banners, overlays and interactive tool bars. We’re setting the stage for a truly immersive WiFi experience.

So check it out! Current customers and Mojo partners can find the full release notes in their respective Support/Partner portals. Anyone who wants to learn more about this release and more, please call 877-930-639, email us, or request a personalized demo.

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