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Mojo Cloud Managed Platform Release - April 2016

by Sean Blanton on May 2, 2016

Hello Mojo world! Today I am psyched to announce yet another amazing release of the Mojo cloud managed platform and, as always, I want to take some time to share the highlights. We’re making a big jump forward as we introduce Mojo Wireless Manager 8.0 and setting the stage for an exciting year of change. We want you to have the accurate, in-depth analytics and automated processes needed to effectively monitor and troubleshoot your network.

Bonjour Gateway. It’s no secret that enterprises, schools, and universities worldwide are counting on Apple products to enhance their day-to-day tasks and initiatives, but bringing these traditionally “consumer” devices onto the network can be difficult to manage. Well, not anymore! Mojo now supports Bonjour Gateway natively throughout its entire access point family, which allows users of Apple devices to automatically detect and connect to Apple services (like AirPrint and AirPlay) on the network.

Mojo Packets (2.0). For those of you paying close attention, Mojo Packets recently got a serious makeover with the introduction of its Predictive Dashboard. Now when you jump into a trace you’ll find that Mojo Packets has automatically analyzed what it sees, breaking down important concepts like common connectivity failures and clients with lowest RSSI/datarate/etc. and guiding you to the root cause. And not only that, but the graphical trace has been updated to help you correlate multiple data points into a single view. Which device should I focus on? Why won’t this client connect?! Don’t worry, Mojo Packets has your back.

Monitoring. Mojo Wireless Manager 8.0 also got a makeover with the introduction of the Monitoring tab. We recognize that there is so much happening on a network at any given time. We strive to make network monitoring easier to digest, so the task of spotting trends, troubleshooting issues, and optimizing the network won’t require the time investment and manual effort it once did. To accomplish that we split our views across managed devices, WiFi activity, security details, and application visibility, so you can more easily focus on what you need. There’s a lot happening here, so stay tuned for a deeper dive into the Monitoring tab soon.

What are you waiting for? Current customers and Mojo partners can find the full release notes in their respective Support/Partner portals, and for anyone who wants to learn more about this release and more call 877-930-6394 or email [email protected]. Or, just click here to request a personalized one-on-one demo.

Topics: Bonjour, Mojo Packets, Mojo Wireless Manager, Application Visibility