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Mojo Cloud Managed Platform Release 8.2

by Robin Jellum on Dec 9, 2016

A chill is in the air, the holiday season is upon us, and the wait for the 8.2 release is over! We are excited to announce the following new features -- now available to all our customers at no extra cost.

Mojo Enforce

Completely control which devices connect to your wireless network. Mojo integration with Google Chrome device management locks down your business / school’s wireless network allowing authorized devices on and keeping everything else off.

Mojo Enforce is the perfect complement to Google (G Suite) for Education. Together they make it easy to manage your Chrome devices and ensure that your devices stay on, creeps stay off, and neighbors are unaffected. For more information view our recent webinar Keep the Creeps Off Your School Network!

Spectrum Analysis

The C-130’s third radio already provides the industry’s most accurate 24/7 WIPS and RRM scanning, and can also take packet captures without impacting the high performance on its two 4x4 access radios. We have now added spectrum analysis to the list of functions the multi-function third radio can perform.

Role Based Control

Extends the use of role based management to your Wi-Fi network. Now with role based control you can use one SSID with 802.1x login credentials to control individual’s access to VLANs, websites, applications, and bandwidth.

RF Optimization - Multicast to Unicast Conversion

Multicast is primarily used to deliver voice and video which have strict transmission and delivery requirements. Multicast over WiFi is highly inefficient using low data rates to chew up valuable RF airtime and unreliable because received packets are not acknowledged.

Convert your multicast packets to unicast to increase your WiFi efficiency by sending packets at the highest reliable data rate and reliability by confirming the packets are received.

Enhanced Client Roaming

Optimize client connectivity and help them make faster and better roaming decisions. Mojo now assists client roaming with 802.11k/v support.

Current customers and Mojo partners can find the full release notes in the Support and Partner portals. For more information about this release or Mojo Networks, call 877-930-6394 or email Or, just click the button for a personalized, one-on-one demo.

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