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Mojo Cloud Managed Platform Release 8.1.1 — September 2016

by Sean Blanton on Sep 26, 2016

Hello Mojo World! Autumn is fast upon us and as the leaves begin to change (depending on where you are of course) so too does our cloud platform with another great product release. Today I want to highlight two key aspects, each of which represent a significant foot forward towards the future of WiFi, and we are excited to share them with you today.

C-130: 4x4:4 802.11ac Wave 2 Tri-Radio

The C-130 is the industry’s first 802.11ac Wave 2 4x4:4 tri-radio device to support a 2x2 802.11ac third radio. It’s quite a mouthful, I know, but it’s impact on WiFi is simple and straightforward. Built using the same internal components as its sibling access point the C-120, it has already proven its ability to deliver incredibly high performance. But the real advantage it holds over every other access point in the market today is its unique third radio.

We’ve covered the benefits of the C-130’s third radio before, and if you’re a real WiFi nut like myself I encourage you to cozy up and dive deep into our paper highlighting the growing need for dedicated scanning. But in short, a 2x2 802.11ac third radio is uniquely suited to uncover exactly what is happening in your wireless environment, at all times, and ensure your access points are tuned to provide even better support for your bandwidth-intensive and streaming applications.

Mojo Aware: Administer Your WiFi with Purpose and Automation

Speaking of visibility, we are very proud to bring to light our first edition of Mojo Aware, a brand new approach to WiFi administration. Mojo Aware really focuses on three key areas:

  • Automated Root Cause Analysis: Through a distributed, cloud managed architecture we are able to democratize analysis down to every single access point, allowing it to move even faster through the cloud’s own correlation of data points throughout the network. The result is automated root cause analysis, which removes the tedious, overly difficult process from every admin’s day.
  • Presentation of Facts: Mojo Aware is designed with a specific purpose in mind - to deliver the best client wireless experience possible. To accomplish this, Aware presents admins with targeted facts about client health and, more importantly, the prevalent failures occurring in real time throughout the entire network stack. This means admins get right to task addressing issues for troubled clients and keep them online, productive and happy.
  • Total Network Visibility: Lending a hand to Aware is Mojo Navigator, which allows admins to view aggregate data across the entire network down to single buildings, floors and wings. Aware is also designed to showcase individual client details for quick consumption and one-on-one problem resolution.

So what are you waiting for? Current customers and Mojo partners can find the full release notes in their respective Support/Partner portals. For anyone who wants to learn more about this release and more, please call 877-930-6394 or email [email protected]. Or, just click the button for a personalized, one-on-one demo.

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