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Kaustubh Phanse talks 4Cs and The Future with Cloud Wi-Fi

by AirTightTeam on Dec 5, 2014

What is the CxOs to do? Whether you’re a CEO, CMO, CIO/CSO, or COO, your organization’s future must have a stake with cloud Wi-Fi. Dr. Kaustubh Phanse, VP of Content and Product Design at AirTight Networks recently keynoted on this very topic at CRN’s NexGenCloud Conference. In case you missed his keynote, you can flip through the SlideShare companion.

IDC logoCloud-managed business Wi-Fi – infrastructure and managed services – will reach $653 Million in 2014 and $2.5 Billion by 2018.

Source: IDC Insight Report, March 2014

Gartner logo‘Risk-On’ attitudes and modern technology key to business growth in the digital era.

Source: The 2014 Gartner CEO and Senior Executive Survey, April 2014

AirTight Cloud Services™ provide a cost-effective, easy to manage, scalable and robust solution to deliver enterprise class Wi-Fi access, wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) and regulatory compliance.

Dr. Kaustubh Phanse keynotes at NexGenCloud Conference:  4Cs and The Future with Cloud Wi-Fi Dr. Kaustubh Phanse keynotes at NexGenCloud Conference: 4Cs and The Future with Cloud Wi-Fi. View the companion SlideShare.

Individual customers or even MSPs managing multiple customers can centrally manage the AirTight WLAN and WIPS services as well as other applications such as WizShark and BrandBuilder from AirTight’s single sign-on Mojo Studio console.

AirTight’s C-75 802.11ac access points and the companion MOJO Studio cloud-based portal provide value-added business services beyond basic connectivity. The access points combine rich data analytics with social Wi-Fi to help customers build targeted loyalty programs, while also providing measurement of the marketing programs’ performances through visibility into customer traffic and engagement.

Additionally, they offer AirTight’s top rated wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS), customized guest Wi-Fi and social sign-in options for guest engagement.

AirTight’s channel partners can design their own value-added business services, such as wireless vulnerability assessments for proactive threat prevention. They can also create custom branded engagement leveraging AirTight’s BrandBuilder™ application to build Wi-Fi splash pages.

Get things done quickly and simply!

Powered by AirTight’s RESTful Web APIs and SS, AirTight Nano provides enterprise Wi-F functionality with consumer-level user-friendliness. AirTight Nano provides a level of simplicity unprecedented in the configuration of an enterprise access point (AP). It gives personnel, with or without IT skills, the ability to customize their Wi-Fi networks right from their mobile device – even remotely, – without the need to go into the cloud console. They can get Wi-Fi up and running in minutes with enterprise-class features.

AirTight Networks vision for the moretization of wifi

Recognized as an innovation leader in the wireless space, AirTight is at the forefront of moretization of Wi-Fi. Dr. Phanse’s keynote addresses this central thesis. The same topic was also recently covered by Dr. Hemant Chaskar (VP Technology and Innovation at AirTight) and Pravin Bhagwat (AirTight CTO) in discussion with Rohit Mehra (VP Network Infrastructure at IDC) in the following video interview.

Video: Rohit Mehra (VP Network Infrastructure at IDC) questions Hemant Chaskar (VP Technology and Innovation at AirTight) and Pravin Bhawat (AirTight CTO) about "monetization" and "more-itization" of Wi-Fi. click-to-tweet

4Cs and Planning for the Future

In the end, Dr. Phanse concludes that CxOs must make sure whatever WLAN they choose gives them the ability to provide an instantaneous, positive user experience that will meet the expectations of their business and customers, without compromising security.


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