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Securing K-12 WiFi - A Scary Movie Blog

by Louise Peter on Oct 31, 2017

It is a classic urban legend horror scene - a young woman is home alone (she is usually a babysitter). She receives creepy phone calls asking "Have you checked the kids?" The babysitter calls the police and the police set up watch outside the house to keep the babysitter safe. The police trace the phone calls and to their horror, they discover that the calls are not coming from another location, but they are coming from inside the house.

Securing K-12 WiFi is a little like the threat that lurked inside the house. You must secure your network and data not only from external threats, but you also need to recognize the threats that cross your threshold every morning, even if their names are Brandon and Kaitlyn and they are only in 4th grade. Students accessing your network with unauthorized devices can kill your network faster than any horror flick villain can. When students and staff use their unauthorized personal devices on your network, it can be “death by a thousand cuts” as each device can slowly, and often quickly, bring your network to a grinding halt.

But keeping Brandon and Kaitlyn’s devices off the network can be difficult and costly. Most schools use either PSK or 802.1x as the primary authentication method for WiFi networks. The challenge with PSK is that there is no way to keep students from using shared credentials to access your WiFi network with their personal devices. While 802.1x can prevent unauthorized devices from accessing the network, it is often complex and costly, requiring an on-premise active directory and RADIUS server.

If your school is taking advantage of Google for Education, then you can take advantage of Mojo Enforce. Mojo Enforce integrates with Google for Education to access the registered device list in the Google Cloud and ensure that only authorized devices connect to the network.  Yes, it is that simple. Mojo Enforce can also ensure that appropriate network access policies are applied based on your device organizational unit membership defined in Google. 

Check out our new Mojo Enforce video or read the Mojo Enforce Solution Brief and see how network device authentication has become less of a nightmare. If you'd like to find out more about Mojo Enforce or Mojo's cloud managed WiFi solution sign up for a demo today!

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