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Interference combat guide for WiFi networks: Part 1

by Hemant Chaskar on Apr 19, 2010

Non-WiFi interference combat guide-1 thumbnailWe often hear that WiFi network performance degrades due to radio interference. We also hear that interference is a complex beast which cannot be easily tamed. There are two types of interference sources which affect WiFi network performance - non-WiFi sources and WiFi sources. This post provides a guide to some practical steps to combat often cited non-WiFi interference sources such as microwave oven, Bluetooth, baby monitors, cordless phones, wireless cameras and jammers. The WiFi interference sources will be discussed in later post.

Overall, some awareness of environment around WiFi network coupled with some simple network planning steps can help win over non-WiFi interference to great extent. Additionally, ability to detect high interference levels on WiFi channels helps detect "unmanaged" sources of interference such as jammer or any unknown source. Many WLAN and wireless security systems today have ability to monitor interference levels on channels on 24x7 basis to facilitate such detection.

Topics: WLAN planning