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In Networking and WiFi, It’s All SDN and the Cloud

by Freddy Mangum on Aug 18, 2016

It’s all about software! Software on networking devices, and a robust software management architecture delivered via the cloud that manages thousands of networking elements.

No More Proprietary Hardware Tax

The days of enterprises paying the tax for proprietary networking hardware (WLAN, LAN, DC) and on-premise management appliances are coming to an end. We saw some early signs of this with open networking in the data center space and recently extending to the edge, as validated by Edgecore Networks (a subsidiary of Accton Technology). But yesterday’s Cisco layoff announcement of up to 5,500 people is a clear signal that even the 800-pound gorilla of networking recognizes that the “software defined” paradigm is here.

The Value is in the Software

So as someone looking to make a WLAN purchasing decision, why would you still overpay for hardware? It’s good for the traditional networking vendors pushing their appliance and proprietary hardware markup agenda, but bad for you. Networking hardware is now a commodity. All the value is in the networking operating system, residing in the access points and in cloud management software.

At Mojo Networks, we see the following purchasing checklist applying to future WiFi purchasing decisions:


  1. Who puts the access point hardware together? There are only a few major hardware suppliers who supply hardware to all WiFi vendors. Is the WiFi vendor using one that takes advantage of the latest standard (802.11ac Wave 2)?
  2. What WiFi OS features exist in the AP? Does the OS have things like application visibility, smart steering, load balancing, and so on? Will it be able to support your applications and meet your user’s needs?
  3. What cloud managed WiFi features are available? The days of dealing with costly and hard-to-use on-premise controller systems and associated appliances are over. How many of my existing network features exist in your secure cloud managed instance?
  4. Tech support, software updates, and hardware warranty: are they included? Nobody likes to be nickled and dimed.
  5. Can I purchase this as a subscription? Pricing on a per AP yearly subscription will become standard. Subscription packaging is eating the world, much like software is eating the world.

This fresh approach to WiFi networking is rapidly gaining momentum. To learn more on how you can benefit, please visit us at

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