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The Impact of Cognitive WiFi™

by Rick Wilmer on Feb 6, 2017

Today we announced the launch of Mojo Aware™, which is based on a technology we invented called “cognitive WiFi”. It is a core technology that goes beyond anything previously devised to create a network with independent cognitive ability. Aware is a network that thinks, and drives itself to provide faultless never ending high performance connectivity. Aware exploits the limitless resources of the cloud to serve a singular purpose: to make the network run better.

Sound impossible? It’s not.


Aware harnesses the power of cloud, big data analytics, automation, and self-awareness to deliver a pristine experience to your WiFi users – all the time, in every location, regardless of what devices and applications they’re using. Cognitive WiFi visualizes the quality of experience for every one of your users and automates root cause analysis if network problems do occur. It helps you resolve problems rapidly instead of turning them into a wild goose chase. It even proactively fixes WiFi issues before they happen, but if a user does call the helpdesk with a “WiFi problem,” it tells you exactly what's going on – even if it has nothing to do with WiFi.

Why should network admins be chained to the network? Why should users have to flag WiFi issues? They shouldn’t. We think that networks should be intelligent and self-healing, which is exactly what we’ve built. The network becomes the IT assistant and the focus becomes “mean time to resolution” rather than “mean time to innocence.” Mojo’s new Cognitive WiFi™ is a new age in networking intelligence and represents the future of how networks will work.

Research has determined that 1 in 10 enterprise network users experience WiFi downtime at least once/week, which adds up to cost $2M/year for a typical 10,000-employee company. Network admins spend 50% of their time troubleshooting and resolving user-reported “WiFi issues.”

High-Performance-WiFi (1).pngOur goal is to revolutionize WiFi through the power of the cloud and open standards, and to liberate networks from proprietary hardware. Mojo Aware delivers a stellar experience to WiFi users, and frees up network administrators from constant network babysitting.

We don’t consider impossible a fact, but rather just an opinion.


Learn more about our vision for Cognitive WiFi or request a free trial. It’s a whole new way of WiFi.

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