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Enterprise Wireless LAN Controllers No Longer Needed. See For Yourself.

by Freddy Mangum on Aug 3, 2016

There has been much chatter over the years on controller versus controllerless WiFi for large networks. No matter your WiFi religion, there is nothing like a real-world use case to see how the market is evolving, and we have an impressive one for your consideration.

Mojo Networks has captured anonymized data from a Global 2000 customer who runs both a cloud managed WiFi and a Cisco wireless LAN controller network. This customer supports large distributed and campus networks in K-12, higher education, enterprise, hospitality, retail, and an array of other verticals. They will eventually roll out one million access points.

Managing One Million WiFi Access Points

So, what would it take to manage them all, via controllers versus via the cloud?


From both a CapEx and OpEx perspective, the advantages of Mojo’s cloud managed WiFi architecture are easy to see, and breathtaking. Imagine the electricity cost savings alone that would come from eliminating 500 controllers and other appliances! And this comes at no expense to the key features and capabilities every enterprise WLAN needs to keep their network strong and users happy. Obviously, the future of large WiFi installations is in WiFi management software delivered securely by the cloud.

“Software is Eating the World” —Marc Andreesen

This data makes it clear that cloud managed WiFi is growing beyond SMB and into the enterprise. The days of WiFi networks being managed by costly appliances are numbered. Marc Andreessen famously said: “Software is eating the world.” It’s safe to say that in the world of enterprise WiFi, the cloud is starting to make a meal of controllers. Yum!

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