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Is your Business Wireless Network Secure?

by Jeff Olson on Oct 10, 2017
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Security is top of mind for IT teams, business leaders, and the general public. News of attacks, ransomware, and data breaches has become commonplace; most recently Equifax and Yahoo. Have you stopped to ask yourself: Is my WLAN secure? Have I done all that I can to ensure is it secure? 

Many businesses have a false sense that their WiFi network is secure, when in fact it may be vulnerable to well known attack methods. There are hackers trying to break-in, cause harm, and do damage to your employee data, customer data, and company resources. The economic, political, and public relations costs for a breach are very high. According to Ponemon Institute’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach study, the average cost of a data breach is $3.62 million.

A Wireless Intrusion Protection System (WIPS) is a must as a first line of defense against network attacks. Mojo Airtight is the best WIPS in the industry, powered by over 30 patents and unique Marker Packet™ intrusion and detection techniques including auto-classification and over-the-air prevention, making it the best and most accurate system. Most WIPS systems are cumbersome to configure, provide too many false positives, and inaccurately categorize rogues and neighboring APs causing them to be ignored to disabled. Mojo Airtight WIPS protects you against all known attacks and most future (zero-day) vulnerabilities.

Mojo Airtight started as a WIPS overlay solution integrating with other WiFi vendors to provide the protection required, and it can still be used this way. Mojo Airtight is the WIPS solution of choice by most security conscious financial, federal government and defense agencies. For a combined WiFi-WIPS solution, Mojo Cognitive Cloud WiFi has WIPS included at no additional cost. 

Recognized by Gartner and IDC as leaders in WiFi security, Mojo AirTight WIPS protects your WLAN from threats such as rogue APs, WPA2 vulnerabilities, and man-in-the-middle attacks.  

To learn more please see the following resources:

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