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Easier WLAN Troubleshooting with Wireless Manager’s New Monitoring Tab

by Sean Blanton on Jun 7, 2016

Hello, Mojo world! As you saw, in April we had a new release that brought new features to our access points and our cloud. Today I want to hone in on Mojo Wireless Manager’s new Monitoring tab. We recognize that the average IT organization spends almost 80% of their day on monitoring and troubleshooting, and that with the growing demand for fast, reliable WiFi it’s paramount that you see what’s happening everywhere, so you can take action fast.

A new look and feel. Let’s start with how we’ve organized the Monitoring tab. Because our access points pick up massive amounts of data, we found it best to silo this data into four main categories.

Monitoring 1

With this approach you’ll have easy access to the most relevant data:

  • Click Managed Devices for vital statistics about your Mojo access points.
  • Click WiFi for a better sense of client connectivity, WLAN usage rates, or other WiFi related statistics.
  • Click Security to see your wireless landscape, determine if any rogues are on your network, and to quarantine them if necessary.
  • Click Applications for up-to-the-moment details on every application running through your enterprise.

How this helps. Let’s say you notice a trend at a specific office or group of offices: a lot of “the WiFi isn’t working” support tickets are coming your way. That’s helpful, right? With the new Monitoring tab, you will be able to focus your view on the right WiFi statistics. Maybe it’s an oversubscription on one particular radio. Perhaps you’re seeing excessive retry rates. Maybe a far-off client is dragging down the effective data rate. The new specialized views help you to quickly pick out the anomalies and address the problem.

Application Visibility. We’re really excited about how we now visualize application usage across your network. It starts with an exhaustive look at every application that might traverse your network (over 1400 unique applications, and counting). The Quick Search bar and each unique column offer filter capabilities to help hone your view, and you can click into each specific application to see usage trends (from one hour to seven days).

Monitoring 2

But the best part is the Live button. We believe that in order to streamline your monitoring and troubleshooting efforts and make them most effective, you need to see historical and real-time data. A simple click of the Live button gives you just that: a real-time look of every application running across your network at 30 second intervals. Not only that, but pressing the Play button within a single application gives you a look at traffic at three second intervals!

Monitoring 3

This is a big step forward in WiFi monitoring and troubleshooting. Given Wireless Manager’s place within the cloud, you now have a single pane-of-glass to look deeply and thoroughly across your entire network, no matter how dense or distributed it may be. This gives you an unprecedented ability to get ahead of issues by spotting anomalies quickly and reducing the time-to-resolution of any WiFi-related support ticket.

Don’t miss out! To learn more about the new-and-improved Monitoring Tab within Mojo Wireless Manager (and more), call 877-930-6394, email [email protected], or request a personalized one-on-one demo.

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