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Data Leakage in the Enterprise

by AirTightTeam on May 13, 2009

Today Network World released an interesting real-life case study of data leakage in the enterprise - refer to

The auditor found unencrypted confidential data being sent by internal employees through email & web communication (via the company's firewall). While customers need to deploy Email & Web DLP systems to protect themselves against these risks they also need to worry about data leakage via wireless connectivity.

A recent study by AirTight found unencrypted Access Points connected to financial networks were leaking out confidential information regarding internal users & corporate IT network resources. Refer to . Internal users can also connect to neighboring Wi-Fi networks and send confidential data (i.e. bypass the corporate security gateways).

This is an area where customers need to pay attention to make sure their corporate network is protected against data leakage via unsecured & unauthorized wirleess connectivity.

Sri Sundaralingam (VP, Product Management @ AirTight Networks)

Topics: Wireless security