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Aerohive, Aruba, Cisco, Meraki, and Ruckus Let Users Suffer with Interference

by Robert Ferruolo (Dr. RF) on May 11, 2017

How often do you say “Wow, this WiFi is great!”? WiFi is like a utility, you take it for granted until the lights don’t turn on or water doesn’t come out of the tap. Just like the electrical grid or the water infrastructure, WiFi takes planning to implement correctly and maintenance to keep running smoothly.

The great news is that WiFi keeps getting smarter and Mojo is leading the way with Cognitive WiFi™. An example of our dedication to excellent user experience is how the C-130 uses its third radio and Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS) to quickly, reliably, and automatically detect disruptive interference.

We recently performed a benchmark test to see how well access points avoided channels with high WiFi and non-WiFi interference on boot up and during operation. We evaluated how well the AP avoided interference and how user experience was impacted.

The Mojo C-130 was the only access point to avoid interference 100% of the time, on both boot up and when introduced on the operating channel. All other solutions failed to avoid a channel with a constant interference source that made the channel unusable, or failed to change channels when the channel utilization got so high that it severely impacted the user experience.


User experience was evaluated using the following quality score rating system:

Blog-C-130andInterferenceAvoidance_use me.jpg

In addition to being the best at avoiding interference, Mojo C-130 also impacted the users the least when it changed channels. Clients on the C-130 were able to fully resume perfect video conferencing on a new channel within 9 seconds of WiFi interference being introduced. That is 211% faster than the Aruba AP-335 and over 2100% faster than the Cisco 3802!  The Meraki MR53 and the Aerohive AP250 failed to change channels at all, leaving the users with an annoying or unusable video conference experience.

The C-130’s third radio is one of the reasons it performed so well, but that is not the whole story. After all, Meraki’s MR53 also has a third radio. The rest of the story is how Mojo uses Cognitive WiFi to automatically make intelligent network decisions for the best user experience.

Learn more about C-130 performance or read the full interference benchmark report.Read the C-130 Interference Benchmark Report 

Don’t take our word for it, see Mojo Cognitive WiFi in action for yourself!

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