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Comparing Aruba IAP-325 802.11ac Wave 2 Performance to Mojo C-120

by Robert Ferruolo (Dr. RF) on Aug 24, 2016
benchmark test results Aruba IAP-325

Mojo C-120 Dominates, Aruba IAP-325 Lags in Campus WiFi

When we do competitive performance testing, we expect the premiere APs from our competitors to be in the same ballpark. We were quite surprised at the poor showing of the Aruba IAP-325 in the 50 client, mixed application test. The Aruba IAP-325 performed on par with the Mojo C-120 for the video and voice clients, but at the expense of the data clients where only 40% met the 1 Mbps minimum data throughput standard.

In this challenging test only 62% of the students connected to the IAP-325 would have had an acceptable experience. The Mojo C-120 achieved a 96% success rate.


Simulating a School WLAN

The 50 client, mixed application test is one of the toughest tests we run. It simulates a common higher education situation in which lots of students are using voice, video, and data at the same time on the same AP, such as in a student union, a dorm common area, or a large conference hall.

We were very surprised by this result because we had heard how much Aruba invests in their AP performance. We verified the test bed, environment, and configuration multiple times to ensure that everything was fair. We were not able to determine why the IAP-325 came up so short. The C-120 shines because it uses state of the art components so there is no hardware bottleneck, and our software is optimized to take advantage of the hardware.

Test Configuration and Evaluation Criteria

Using the industry standard test tool IxChariot to simulate and score the results, this test evaluates how many clients meet a passing criterion for simultaneous, upstream and downstream voice, video and data applications. In the test there are 30 data clients, 10 of which are transferring data to the AP (upstream) while 20 are receiving data (downstream). For a data client to pass, it has to sustain a 1 Mbps transfer rate for the length of the test. The voice component of the test consists of 10 clients which are transmitting and receiving audio traffic. To pass both the transmit and receive paths must attain a MOS score of 3.8 or greater. The video part of the test contains 10 clients who are each receiving a video stream. To pass, the video stream must meet the Media Delivery Index requirements: a delay factor of less than 50ms and a media loss rate of less than .004.

For more information on the C-120 and competitive performance test results, visit our Performance page or download the complete test report below.

Download Performance Report

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