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Cognitive WiFi for Campus of the Future, Today

by Jeff Olson on May 24, 2018

Meet Steve, CIO of IT at a large University.  Like you, his number one priority is to deliver a stable wireless network for students and staff.  Not easy to do. Steve and his team of IT professionals struggle to keep up with ever increasing demands on the network; number of students connected, devices per student, security threats, high-density zones, and skyrocketing bandwidth as mobile is now at the center of learning and leisure.

Steve is also under pressure from University leaders to deliver next generation solutions to accelerate digital learning and provide programmable big data platforms that foster innovative research to further differentiate the University from its peer group. All of this is compounded as he and his team do their job with legacy network technology and tools that were designed before the mobile-social, big data, and A.I. era of today. These outdated systems are overly complex, costly, and difficult to manage and troubleshoot.

Does this sound familiar? At Mojo, we hear similar stories every day.

This is why we built Mojo Cognitive WiFi™ from the ground-up, born in the cloud using open standards, and massively scalable-- to be smart.  Applying artificial intelligence to the wireless network at a degree that is only possible by harnessing the limitless computing power and storage capacity of the cloud.  Universities are able to leverage the Mojo Cognitive WiFi cloud platform to perform new and amazing research only available from a flexible, programmable, big data platform that provides key insights across people, devices, and location.

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Mojo delivers secure, high-performance WiFi that is deeply intelligent and immensely scalable to meet the needs of
Higher Education today and for the campus of tomorrow.

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