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Cloud Wi-Fi Brings Safety, Simplicity, and Savings to K-12 Schools

by Sean Blanton on Sep 1, 2015

Remember the 3 R’s in K-12 education – “reading, writing, and arithmetic”? Well, at AirTight, we’re bringing the 3 S’s to K-12 education – safety, simplicity, and savings.

Wi-Fi is a foundational element of school success. Teachers, students, facilities, and staff all rely on Wi-Fi daily to do their jobs. The only problem is, many school districts have a legacy controller architecture. And while a controller architecture was initially a great solution, you know as well as I do that it’s simply not doing the job for schools any more. Wi-Fi controller solutions are needy. They’re high cost (implementation and maintenance), unreliable with poor performance (APs often lose some or all functionality due to antiquated architecture), and not easy to use (for set up and training).

Enter cloud-managed Wi-Fi. No controllers at all. 100% E-Rate eligible. And yes, you guessed it, cloud Wi-Fi in schools means:


Mojo APs automatically connect with the Mojo cloud, find their account, and download the predefined network and security policies. This means all access points contain the necessary intelligence to handle network traffic and enforce strong security controls without the need for tunneling traffic to a central server. The APs monitor the airwaves for wireless threats and abuse and actively prevent unwanted behavior. Which means you can keep your students on your Wi-Fi network and prevent them from going around your Wi-Fi security to access an unsecure network.


Imagine being away from your desk but you need to set up a new AP or troubleshoot a Wi-Fi issue. The Mojo cloud Wi-Fi is simple enough that you can set up APs within a matter of minutes, configure, and manage your network, even using your smartphone and even if you’re off-site. Self-provisioning, intelligent APs, and lightweight configuration requirements all add up to a very simple but powerful Wi-Fi experience. Mojo has simplified Wi-Fi so much that even teachers and faculty members can easily create focused Wi-Fi networks for their own specialized activities – straight from their smartphone and without using IT resources!


Did we mention there’s no controller in our cloud-managed Wi-Fi? Which means you’re saving huge on hardware, setup and configuration, and maintenance costs. And even better, Mojo’s wireless platform is 100% E-Rate eligible. Highly reliable and highly intelligent APs remove the cost, effort, and ongoing maintenance of on-premises management. Mojo Wi-Fi can be configured, maintained, and deployed directly from a smartphone- or tablet-optimized interface, removing the need for intense IT overhead, training, and time. Intelligent access points are empowered to automatically identify their configuration and operate reliably without manual intervention. So you can finally stop “keeping the lights on” in your legacy school IT system and begin offering fast, reliable, safe Wi-Fi to support accelerated learning.

Cost, ease of use, and performance are no longer mutually exclusive, thanks to the simplicity and scalability of Mojo cloud Wi-Fi. Check out our webinars by clicking here and get free cloud Wi-Fi!

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi gives you a simplified approach to network design and deployment that empowers your students, teachers, and staff to increase learning and performance. Intelligent access points self-provision and automatically take on network designs, and you get to work with a focused interface that is out-of-the-box fully eligible under E-Rate Category 2 definitions. Win-win.

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