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Bringing True Disaggregation to the Network

by Rick Wilmer on Oct 13, 2016

Disaggregation is a hot topic, and a major trend for data centers. Many large enterprises look for flexibility, choice, rapid deployment and cost efficiencies that disaggregation brings technology. By separating the costs of hardware from the costs of cloud software, enterprise organizations are able to find the best solutions.

Since joining Mojo Networks, my focus has been on the disaggregation of networking. When access points continue to be quite similar – although we know that ours are the best on the market from our benchmark tests – it makes more sense to bring the best cloud managed WiFi solution to the enterprise.

To this point, we are excited to be teaming up with Arrow Electronics to bring true disaggregation to the networking market.

Until now, there has been significant downsides for companies looking to capitalize on the benefits of disaggregation. The onus is placed on the companies to take on more responsibility for the integration, support, supply chain management, and integration of additional software features. But the general enterprise is not equipped to handle these burdens.

Teaming up with Arrow Electronics, Mojo is able to solve these problems and make the benefits of disaggregation easily accessible to the general enterprise and other markets who invest in networking solutions. Arrow will procure Mojo hardware directly from the manufacturers and then process and transact delivery to Mojo customers and channel partners. Mojo software is pre-installed on all Mojo hardware platforms sold by Arrow, and Mojo provides a limited lifetime warranty on all hardware and software, with 24x7 technical support.

For Mojo customers and channel partners, nothing has changed other than the massive cost reduction realized through disaggregation. All of the complexities related to disaggregation have been moved upstream from the customer and are jointly handled by Arrow and Mojo.

This model represents the future how IT purchases will work, and is one more step Mojo is taking in establishing a market where hardware costs are fair and reasonable and, ultimately, no longer tied to the software that runs on those hardware platforms. Arrow is not only visionary in helping Mojo bring this business model to the market, but also has the scale to make it a reality. Arrow’s worldwide operational excellence, supply chain management, and distribution strength allow them to be at the forefront of a revolution in how IT organizations procure their hardware and software.

Read more about Arrow and Mojo news, and see all the solutions that Mojo offers the enterprise, K-12 education and higher education markets.

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