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Benchmark Test: Meraki MR42 vs. Mojo C-120 Download Throughput

by Robert Ferruolo (Dr. RF) on Sep 1, 2016

Mojo Networks provides a great K-12 solution by covering the three S’s for education – Safety, Simplicity, and Savings. We provide safety with the best WIPS solution in the industry. Our cloud managed WiFi stretches E-Rate dollars, saving the unnecessary cost of controllers, and our pricing eliminates expensive AP markup. Our automatic AP configuration couldn’t be simpler. I’d like to add a fourth S to this line-up: Speed.

Mojo C-120 vs. Meraki MR42 – Classroom Speed

We tested the Mojo C-120 head-to-head with the best enterprise-class access points available. The focus of today’s discussion is a comparison of the C-120 to the Meraki MR42.

One of the use cases we test for is 30 students in a classroom, all downloading a one megabyte file for an assignment at the same time. The test for this use case measures the maximum aggregate downstream TCP throughput of 30 simultaneous clients.

In this scenario the Mojo C-120 handily beat the Meraki MR42, averaging over 309 Mbps to Meraki’s 204 Mbps. That is an impressive 52% performance difference.

Meraki MR42 download benchmark test

With the Mojo C-120 you get Safety, Simplicity, Savings, and Speed

Safety – Mojo’s patented security techniques provide 24/7 protection, keeping students on and outsiders off your WiFi network.

Simplicity – Our cloud based management and analytics architecture takes the pain out of configuring, deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting your wireless network.

Savings26-56% less expensive than competitive offerings (26% less expensive than Meraki), simple licensing, and no-RMA lifetime limited warranty.

Speed – Best-in-class access point components leads to industry-leading 802.11ac Wave 2 speed.

Read more on the C-120 and competitive performance testing or try one out for yourself.

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