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Auto Packet Capture, Where Have You Been All My Life?

by Robert Ferruolo (Dr. RF) on Aug 8, 2017

You can tell how long someone has been troubleshooting networks by the length of their arms. Orangutans like me have been doing it a long, long time.  I started with a sewing machine sized Network General luggable that I carried around the world. Now I have to stand up very straight  to keep my knuckles from dragging on the ground.

Mojo’s Cognitive WiFi platform - Aware, saves network engineers from having to have shirts specially made because it includes Auto Packet Capture.

I know, when you hear the words packet capture, you tune out because it is old hat. Everyone does that. What’s so cool about Aware’s Auto Packet Capture is that the AP is always capturing capturing packets in a ring buffer.

When the AP detects a connection problem, it saves the packets in the ring buffer, before and after the problem, and delivers the trace to Mojo Cloud where it can be reviewed if necessary. Why do I think this is so cool? I have travelled to customer sites and walked around for days. I have sent teams of network engineers to the same site multiple times in an attempt to capture a problem. Auto Packet Capture captures every connection problem and makes the trace available anywhere within seconds.

Once in the Mojo Cloud, the trace can be downloaded and analyzed using your favorite sniffer (.pcap file format) or can be opened in Mojo Packets for graphical packet analysis, as shown below.

Mojo Packets psk failure.pngMojo Packets - Incorrect Pre-Shared Key

Mojo Packets takes the pain out of sifting through trace packets looking for the nugget of truth that is the root of the problem. It is one of the best kept secrets of wireless packet analysis and it is FREE for anyone to use, not just Mojo customers. Or you can download the sniffer trace and analyze it in Wireshark as shown below. Sign up and check it out a

Wireshark psk failure.png

Wireshark - Incorrect Pre-Shared Key

Auto Packet Capture alone would have saved the company I worked for tens of thousands of dollars in travel costs, hundreds of hours of a highly trained network engineer’s time trying to reproduce and capture the problem, and weeks of user dissatisfaction waiting for a problem resolution. Mojo Packets would have saved hundreds of hours of analysis time setting up complicated filters and creating graphs trying to visualize the problem. 

The ironic thing about the Auto Packet Capture feature is that with Mojo Aware, most of the time it isn’t necessary. Another awesome feature of Aware is the AP’s ability not only to detect a connection problem and capture the packets, but that the AP performs a root cause analysis of what happened. Within seconds of a connection problem, the AP delivers the root cause and the packet trace of the problem to the Mojo Cloud and incorporated in the Aware GUI. Aware eliminates the lag of the user reporting the problem and the time spent getting the stars to align to troubleshoot. It takes a shortcut directly to the root cause so it can be quickly resolved. Incredible!

Mojo Aware.png

Mojo Aware - Auto Root Cause Analysis

As you can probably tell, I am excited that Mojo is leading the vanguard towards Cognitive WiFi. These are just a few of the exciting proof points. We have built the platform that leverages powerful open standards APs, the power of the cloud, machine learning, and big data analytics, and extensive WiFi knowledge. We are bringing the Cognitive WiFi vision to fruition: the network is the expert that can solve its own problems. 


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