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Mojo 8.5.1 adds Application Dashboard to Cognitive WiFi

by Robin Jellum on Feb 8, 2018
Cognitive WiFi Cube

Mojo continues to launch new features and enhancements at a furious pace. The 8.5.1 Mojo Wireless Manager release contains many customer requested features and network operating system optimizations that improve the WLAN experience and performance. The headline of this release is the addition of the Application Dashboard to the Cognitive WiFi toolbox. Leveraging the power of the cloud, machine learning, and AP intelligence, voice and video conferencing applications are analyzed in real time to evaluate the quality of users’ experiences.

Here’s how it works. Cognitive WiFi uses the AP's application visibility engine to identify the real-time application. The AP gathers information about the traffic flow and sends the meta data to Mojo cloud for analysis. For voice applications, Mojo cloud uses advanced statistical algorithms to determine if the data set is of acceptable quality. For video conferencing applications, Mojo cloud uses unique machine learning algorithms tuned to rate users experience. Once rated, the Application Dashboard summarizes users’ experiences by application.

Application Dashboard

The dashboard makes it easy to gauge the user experience of real-time applications.  At the top level it provides a two hour live view of applications in use, the number of users per application and the overall user experience.



Other features and enhancements included in the Mojo 8.5.1 release include:

  • C-110 - BLE and DFS channels are now supported. Read the C-110 datasheet
  • Client Isolation - when enabled, clients are now fully isolated on the L2 network
  • HTTPS Redirection - Guests can now be redirected without first using HTTP
  • Transmit Power Control - Optimized to lower power levels
  • Quiet LEDs - Allows AP LEDs to be disabled for sensitive environments
  • Floor plan RF heat maps - View signal, link speed, and channel coverage
  • Marketing opt-in/opt-out - Configure marketing options on guest portal
  • Easy SSID deletion - View and delete SSID without removal from locations
  • Cognitive WiFi on-premise - on-prem solutions can now enjoy Cognitive WiFI
  • No IP on VLAN for captive portal - a VLAN IP address is no longer necessary 
  • SSID VLAN monitoring control - SSID VLAN monitoring can now be disabled
  • Disable MU-MIMO - Validate MU-MIMO performance and compatibility
  • Location added to portal redirect URL - the AP locations is now included 

For customers seeking additional details on the 8.5.1 release, consult the release notes on our Support Portal. Want to know more about how Mojo can make your network intelligent, enabling it to learn, predict, protect, and improve automatically? Then sign up for a demo today! 

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