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Announcing the Mojo Lifetime Limited Warranty

by Sean Blanton on May 11, 2016

It wasn’t too long ago that we announced how we’re changing the way customers purchase WiFi. We don’t want you stuck in a business model that stymies innovation and maintains expensive, inefficient processes. We know there’s a better way. And so today I am proud to announce the new Mojo Lifetime Limited Warranty: a continuation of our efforts to remove inefficiencies, promote innovation and seriously reduce your headaches. You heard it here first: no more RMA.

We’ve all been there before, right? An access point or two goes south, and after working with support to get it back up and running it is determined that the access point is simply no good. That’s when support utters those three dreaded letters – RMA – and the real work begins.

The stress really comes from the time it takes to jump through the multiple hoops this particular process entails. First you have to contact your partner, who gets ahold of the sales rep to start the RMA process. Wait. Then you get your RMA number and return shipment materials. Wait. The access point finally arrives at the vendor and the new device ships. Wait some more.

But then something inevitably goes wrong. Shipments get lost all the time, and international RMA involves the added complexity of getting devices through customs. It’s a slow, arduous process that leaves you in the lurch with a suboptimal network. The worst part is you feel forced to buy a few spares from the outset just to avoid the downtime!

So we say “No more!” With Mojo’s Lifetime Limited Warranty you’ll avoid the RMA process completely. Once you and your Mojo Support rep determine the access point is no longer viable, we’ll send you a new one immediately. That means:

  • No more calling your sales rep or partner or support center to receive an RMA number.
  • No more worrying about shipping it back to us. (Although we may ask for it to be returned, at our expense, for failure analysis.)
  • No more waiting for the old AP to arrive before its replacement is shipped.
  • No need to purchase “spares”: we’ll ship the replacement within one business day.
We find that customers often purchase hardware and roll out slowly. And under competitors’ warranties, replacement is often only available 90 days after purchase, not after deployment. So what happens if you discover a DOA unit later in the rollout? Suffice it to say it becomes a complex process. With us, you’re covered for as long as your access points are under management of the Mojo platform.

We believe there is even more to be done to make your life better, so we won’t stop here! For more details, see the warranty page on our website, download a PDF copy here or simply contact your Mojo sales rep directly.

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