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AirTight Networks Honored with Two Industry Awards

by AirTightTeam on Nov 3, 2014

AirTight Networks was honored with two industry awards for Cloud Wi-Fi, and Social & Analytics. AirTight won a 2014 Cloudys Cloud Channel Innovation Award and a Gold status from 2014 Golden Bridge Awards. Both awards were announced on September 8, 2014.

1) Data-backed marketing programs deliver big returns to win a Cloudy

AirTight's Wi-Fi project for Roosevelt's at 7 restaurant, deployed by AirTight partner Frontera Consulting, won in the category of Most Innovative Cloud Customer Deployment at the Cloudys award ceremony in New Orleans. The award program is managed by Channel Partners, a resource for indirect sales channels offering IT and telecom solutions.

The deployment delivers big company capabilities made easy for a family-owned restaurant whose staff and owners are not experts in IT, security or marketing. Using visitor analytics provided by the AirTight system, the restaurant was able to encourage longer stays and to provide special promotions to draw in patrons on slow nights. The result was a 10% month over month increase in visitors staying longer. This translated to a run rate of $60,000 per year of additional profit at a single restaurant location.

Great things are happening! Congrats @scrapecorp @gofrontera & our partner @Airtight! #CPEXPO Great things are happening! Congrats @scrapecorp @gofrontera & our partner @Airtight! #CPEXPO | View original tweet.

For an easy-to-budget monthly fee, Frontera Consulting delivered a 5-in-1 AirTight-based solution including cloud-managed Wi-Fi, wireless intrusion prevention, automated PCI (payment card industry) compliance reports, presence analytics and demographics information for visitors who opt into Wi-Fi via social logins.

Frontera developed an innovative cloud-based application called Scrape which allows the restaurant to take the AirTight solution even further. The app takes opt-in social media information collected by the AirTight social Wi-Fi and uses it to compile individual guest preferences. The result is playback of favorite music and videos that match, in real time, the known likes of customers who are at that location at that exact moment.



2) Social Wi-Fi wins in social media category of Golden Bridge Awards

On the same night as the Cloudys awards were announced at a Cloud Partners event in New Orleans, AirTight earned Gold status at the Golden Bridge Awards in San Francisco.

More than 40 judges from a broad spectrum of industry voices participated around the world. Their average scores determined the 2014 Golden Bridge Business Awards winners. AirTight won for its Social Wi-Fi and Analytics, an innovative platform that integrates Wi-Fi access and social networking to facilitate omnichannel communication and new ways to drive user engagement.

Retailers can integrate social media channels with AirTight's customizable guest Wi-Fi captive portals to engage with in-store customers and turn them into loyal promoters, encourage them to opt into marketing programs and reach out to them via geo-marketing campaigns, coupons or special offers. Similarly, event organizers can use social Wi-Fi at live venues to encourage participation, provide real-time updates, and then follow up after the event.

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Will my friends get spam if I use Facebook social login? What information about my friends will be shared? These questions come to many when faced with the Facebook login option on websites and captive portals. A blog post by Hemant Chaskar seeks to answer these questions from the technical standpoint.


Cloud innovation and business model transformation key to AirTight's winning entries.

The Wi-Fi industry is changing. The value chain is moving from hardware to software and applications as is evidenced by these awards. Our industry peers and the channel community are taking notice. Two awards in one night is a reflection of the growing momentum of AirTight solutions.

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Cloud innovation and business transformation key to AirTight winning award entries #Cloud innovation and business transformation key to AirTight winning award entries #WiFi
— AirTight Networks (@Airtight) September 18, 2014

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Update (November 2014): AirTight Networks Named Tops in Wireless Category for 2014 CRN Tech Innovator Awards via @AirTight blog



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