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AirTight is Making Enterprise Wi-Fi Fun Again

by Devin Akin on Aug 19, 2013


Complicated - Simple signAnyone who knows me knows that I'm always looking way ahead, and it's my opinion that AirTight Networks is uniquely positioned to take advantage of a major confluence of forthcoming Wi-Fi market changes and requirements. With

1) a scalable, plug-n-play, API-enabled, elastic cloud,

2) controller-less technology,

3) innovative and industry-leading security offerings, and

4) cost-effective, high-performance, feature-rich access points,

no other vendor is as well-positioned to take on managed services, plug-n-play enterprise Wi-Fi, and a wide variety of cloud services.

The need for uncompromising, flexible, and robust security (without the complexity that's normally associated with it) has become a top-of-mind issue, and AirTight is the unmistakable leader in this area.

Why are so many enterprise Wi-Fi networks so broken and under-performing? The exact list is long, but the #1 reason, far and away, is that they are too complicated.

  • Too complicated to learn.
  • Too complicated to design.
  • Too complicated to configure.
  • Too complicated to deploy.
  • Too complicated to monitor.
  • Too complicated to upgrade.
  • Too complicated to optimize.
  • Too complicated to troubleshoot.


Who doesn't constantly ask that their Wi-Fi system be more simple to deal with? Come on, you know I'm right. Don't even think about arguing with me on this one. I've posed this question to so many customers, VADs, VARs, and consultants that I've lost count. Too complicated usually means broken in one way or another. How many single-AP Apple Airport networks do you come across that are completely messed up? What... 0.000001%? Why? There's hardly anything to misconfigure, and what little that is in the configuration interface is so intuitive that my mother could figure it out.

In a manner of speaking, I want my enterprise Wi-Fi to be much the same way (too easy to screw up), and of course, it should "just work".

My friend Bradley Chambers likes to call it the 7S model:


Simple - easy to design, configure, deploy, use, and troubleshoot

funky orange wifi symbolSocial - integrated social media

Smart - intelligent, cooperative network edge and cloud management system

Secure - this applies to the cloud management and the product security features

Scalable - unlimited is the only acceptable description

Stable - adequate testing is done before product release, and it “just works”

Sensible - cost effective and reasonably priced


Since most enterprise Wi-Fi networks are overly complicated, people make mistakes in the design, deployment, configuration, and so on. Network managers do not have the time (and rarely the inclination) to spend most of their day messing with the Wi-Fi network. They have other things to do.

It's easy enough to say "we simplify", but to be honest, everyone has a different definition of what the word simple means. Simple is relative. I think that making a Wi-Fi system simple falls short. As a vendor, I think you know when you've arrived when your customers find your system downright fun. Fun to configure. Fun to monitor. Fun to upgrade. And of course if something goes south, fun to troubleshoot.


Just imagine the scene...


"Hey Mike, we need to deploy three more SSIDs today."

"Sweet! (fist pump)"


No more flailing about in Wi-Fi UI hell. Experience the end of Wi-Fi as we know it. With its cloud-based simplicity, security, and automation, AirTight is making Enterprise Wi-Fi fun again.

And, by the way, AirTight just launched a free AP trial for those of you tired of complex WLAN solutions. Experience secure, cloud-managed Wi-Fi for yourself.


AirTight: Wi-Fi that loves you back.


Topics: WLAN networks, Security and WIPS