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A Change for the Better: How the Cloud Extends the Power of Your WiFi

by Sean Blanton on Jul 11, 2016

We’ve all been there right? Stuck in a rut, unable to break free from the ways we’ve always done things. No, I’m not talking about your love life (well, not in this post, anyway), I’m talking about WiFi! Big things are happening in the world of enterprise WiFi, and we at Mojo are excited to lead the efforts to innovate our business and deliver services and specialized features that really make a difference. Let’s dive into an example, shall we?

The Pain of Network Configuration Changes

I’ve worked with a lot of different companies over the years with lots of unique challenges and network designs. But some things are consistent no matter who you talk to, and the pain of making changes to network configurations is at the top of that list. It can be difficult enough to manage the myriad of custom configs that inevitably creep up, but as your network gets bigger and bigger this challenge grows exponentially. One customer of ours often needed to face this challenge head on.

This customer is highly distributed, and to make matters worse they don’t always have the optimal choice for their outbound WAN connection. Building a standard config for their access point deployment is the dream, but reality gets in the way and demands customization and micro-management. They needed a way to organize their networks logically, not just by geography or even network. They also needed an easy way to change configurations when certain locations required it, say when a better internet service became available, or as office dynamics evolved. Fortunately we had a solution.

Pain Relief from the Cloud

We call it Mojo Navigator, and among other benefits, it allows you to define single policies and configurations that can ripple out to thousands of access points. Any given location or group of locations can be “nested” under a standard template (say, one that differs based on the available WAN connection) and it will automatically receive your network and device policies. Even better, you can simply “move” any office or group of offices to a different folder when they upgrade their WAN connection, and their access points will automatically take on the change. Easy!

This is just one example of how the cloud extends the power of your WiFi. On Wednesday I’ll be leading a discussion that dives into other examples and answers questions from our esteemed guests. You should be one of them! You can register for this upcoming live webcast, or check out our Webinars page to see all of our upcoming and on demand content. Just click the button!

Extend the Power of Your WiFi

Topics: WiFi Access, role-based access control, RBAC