Wi-Fi Certified Easy Connect for Device Onboarding
Posted by Hemant Chaskar on Jul 9, 2018
WPA3 Security Image

Wi-Fi Alliance®  has introduced three new enhancements to security of Wi-Fi, namely WPA3, Enhanced Open and Easy Connect.

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WPA3 Security Image
Wi-Fi Certified Easy Connect for Device Onboarding
Posted by Hemant Chaskar on Jul 9, 2018

Wi-Fi Alliance®  has introduced three new enhancements to security of Wi-Fi, namely WPA3, Enhanced Open and Easy Connect.

10 Commandments of Stadium WiFi
Posted by Nadeem Akhtar on Jun 29, 2018

Back-to-back WiFi deployments at two high-density stadium venues with very tight timelines was quite challenging. As discussed in the previous two blogs of this series (see Part 1 & Part 2), the venues were different in terms of stadium layout, structure and seating capacity. As a result the WiFi network design also turned out to be different in many ways. Nevertheless, the underlying design principles and methodology were the same.

Mojo Networks @IPL 2018 - Part 2
Posted by Nadeem Akhtar on Jun 19, 2018

The Holkar Stadium is located in the the city of Indore, approximately 600 km northeast of Mumbai. With a total capacity of 27000, the stadium became the temporary home of the Kings XI Punjab cricket franchise during the second half of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 season.

The promise of 802.11ax – What should we expect?
Posted by Jatin Parekh on Jun 18, 2018

What is new in 802.11ax
802.11ax promises a lateral progression of the WiFi standard. Until now, all new WiFi specifications were focused on improving the peak data rates. 802.11ax takes a side step and promises higher efficiency rather than higher peak rates. It promises to improve the total throughput in a cell and deliver more data to the clients rather than try to improve the speed at which the data is transmitted. 802.11ax features will be available in 2.4 GHz band as well (as opposed to 802.11ac which was available only in 5GHz).

WiFi Freedom
White-Box Heroes
Posted by Mike Feibus on Jun 13, 2018

Enterprise Wi-Fi customers can now, for the first time, choose an access point from Column A and a network operating system from Column B. Even when both options happen to be on two different suppliers’ menus. It’s all made possible with new offerings from white-box Wi-Fi pioneers Mojo Networks and EdgeCore Networks.

The Wi-Fi access points that Mojo Networks and EdgeCore Networks offer to enterprise clients are actually encased in white boxes. But don’t let that fool you. Because they’re not actually white-box Wi-Fi APs.

At least, they weren’t. Until now.

Mojo Networks @IPL 2018 - Part 1
Posted by Nadeem Akhtar on Jun 5, 2018

Stadium WiFi deployments are considered one of the most challenging for multiple reasons.

  • Stadiums are an extreme case of high density (HD) deployment, with tens of thousands of people packed in a relatively small area.
Feedback to WLAN CEOs
Posted by Robin Jellum on Jun 1, 2018

Today on Twitter Lee Badman posed a request to “to provide direct, unfiltered feedback to a WLAN company CEO about what is working or not in the company's products and business methods from the field perspective.”

The feedback so far as been very insightful. I took the liberty of categorizing the comments to evaluate trends. Here is the breakdown.

Cognitive WiFi for Campus of the Future, Today
Posted by Jeff Olson on May 24, 2018

Meet Steve, CIO of IT at a large University.  Like you, his number one priority is to deliver a stable wireless network for students and staff.  Not easy to do. Steve and his team of IT professionals struggle to keep up with ever increasing demands on the network; number of students connected, devices per student, security threats, high-density zones, and skyrocketing bandwidth as mobile is now at the center of learning and leisure.

Jason and the Argonauts
The End is Near… for Big Logos and Overpriced Hardware
Posted by Louise Peter on May 3, 2018

At Mojo Networks we’ve been on our soapbox for some time preaching that the end is near… at least for vendor lock-in and egregious hardware margins. Massive innovation is happening in the realm of software with the cloud enabling new ways we can harness data for quicker and more intelligent decision-making. Alternatively, hardware innovations come at a slower pace, but Big Logos have enjoyed huge margins on hardware where they have little to no value add. As hardware becomes commoditized, in many cases with little differentiation between Access Points produced by different manufacturers, it seems inevitable that the day of reckoning for vendor lock-in is near.